Worries For Another Day: Weinsteins Prep 'Fraggle Rock'

The Weinstein Company is moving forward on "Fraggle Rock," a live-action musical feature based on the Jim Henson-produced TV series.

According to Variety, TWC has recruited Cory Edwards to write the script and direct.

Edwards previously directed the animated hit "Hoodwinked!" for TWC.

Originally attached to the project as a screenwriter in the fall of 2006, Ahmet Zappa will remain on board as executive producer along with Brian Inerfeld.

Lisa Henson and Brian Henson of The Jim Henson Co. will produce.

Premiering on HBO in 1983, "Fraggle Rock" ran for five seasons and 96 episodes. Created by Henson, the show introduced the world to the Fraggles, the radish-loving inhabitants of a system of connected caves in what may or may not be an alternate world. The main Fraggles of interest were Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red, a group of friends with an interest in exploring and eating the tasty structures constructed by the Doozers, the tinier, more industrious natives of Fraggle Rock. The show's other central creatures include the gigantic Gorgs and the Trash Heap, which was a talking trash heap.

"One of our main priorities when we first launched the Weinstein Company was to feature a broad range of family-friendly franchises like 'Fraggle Rock,'" Weinstein tells Variety.