'That '70s Show' Star Spills Hollywood Starlet Sex Secrets

Wilmer Valderrama, Latin lover extraordinaire and all around classy guy, has decided to kiss and tell about having sex with Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashlee Simpson and Mandy Moore.

In apparently several unguarded, possibly inebriated moments on Howard Stern's radio show on Monday, March 27, the actor revealed private information about his exes and rated their performance in bed.

He claims his luck with the ladies comes from his Latin accent and being "blessed" with an eight-inch manly endowment. Apparently, all the tight pants he wears as foreign exchange student Fez on "The '70s Show" couldn't hide the fact that he's a stud.

Let's take his love life chronologically. First up is "Ghost Whisperer" star Hewitt, whom Valderrama briefly "dated" early on in his sitcom career. Prompted by Stern, the actor rated her an eight out of ten in the sack.

Then came Moore, recently seen on "Scrubs" with current boyfriend Zach Braff. Wilmer got his flirt on with the starlet while she was shooting the cover of a magazine. In the radio interview, Valderrama revealed that he "snatched" Moore's virginity and that sleeping with her was "really good," but not like "warm apple pie," apparently making a reference to Jason Bigg's pastry-loving episode in "American Pie."

The couple actually dated for quite a while, and Wilmer even appeared as her doting boyfriend in Mandy's episode of MTV's "Diary." You think you know, but you have no idea. Since then, Mandy has moved on to date tennis star Andy Roddick and now of course, "Chicken Little" himself.

Many unnamed women later, enter Lohan. Wilmer and Lindsay were apparently just very good friends until the Disney child star turned 18 in July 2004, when they officially started dating for a solid four months. She even appeared as a guest star on "That '70s Show," in which her character throws over Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) for hairdresser Fez.

Valderrama shared with Stern that Lohan was one of the best women he's slept with, but he didn't dump her for Jessica Simpson's little sis Ashlee, who he revealed was "loud" in bed.

During this odyssey of honesty, the actor denied sleeping with "Fantastic Four's" Jessica Alba, "My Name Is Earl" actress Jamie Pressly and "Rent" star Rosario Dawson. He also mentioned a penchant for a certain sex act with a famous actress, but remained uncharacteristically mum on her identity.

Lastly, he revealed that it's not baseball stats that run through his mind while performing the act. Instead, his mind is filled with wonder that he's actually having sex with a celebrity and is intent on performing adequately.

Valderrama, 26, will wrap the eighth and final season of his retro sitcom this year and will also host the upcoming MTV show "Yo Momma," that rewards the contestants' ability to put each other down. His film credits include "Summer Catch" and "Party Monster." He's signed up to play "Ponch" in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of "C.H.I.P.s" and also wrapped shooting "The Darwin Awards" and "El Muerto," in which he plays an Aztec zombie superhero.