Zap2it first: Reports of new electronic evidence in Andrew Koenig case are false, says sister

Andrew-Koenig-missing-320.jpgReports of new evidence of cell phone and ATM use in the case of missing "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig are false, Koenig's sister maintains.

"I believe the electronic evidence to which the police referred is from last week and therefore not new evidence," Danielle Koenig tells Zap2it.

When we asked her if the police knew when and where Andrew's ATM and phone usage took place,  she answered, "Actually no, they don't know."

Koenig says there have been no real advances in the case since last Saturday (Feb. 20) when Zap2it was the first to report her brother's disappearance with her confirmation.

The Vancouver Police Department released the following update on Andrew Koenig's case Tuesday: