Zap2it's Love (and Love to Hate) Month

valentines-day-320.jpg Zap2it is celebrating the TV characters, TV shows, celebrities and movies we love (and love to hate) all February!

Whether it's deconstructing TV couples that "we're just not that into" and stars who found love on the set or pouring some haterade for the TV characters and celebrities deserving of a big gulp, we've got it covered.

And we're also taking a look back at the careers (and some quirky throwback moments) of "Valentine's Day's" all-star cast.


love-set.jpg Love on the Set: Couples who met while working
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall weren't the only lucky ones. Today's stars can still find love -- however briefly -- on the sets of their movies and television shows. Check out which stars went to work and found more than a paycheck, like "Dexter" stars Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall.

vday-movies.jpg Best Valentine's Day Movies
There are so many romantic comedies and chick flicks, but so little time to choose the best ones. Here are 14 of our favorites for your Valentine's Day viewing pleasure, including classic romantic movies like "Casablanca," "An Affair to Remember" and "Love Story."

tv-gal-romances.jpg The 'Office', 'Greek,' 'The Closer,' and other TV romances TV Gal loves
It's challenging being a good TV couple. First of all viewers have to want you together which is no easy feat. You never quite know what's going to create a palpable on-screen chemistry. Will you be a Buffy and Angel or a Buffy and Riley? A Dylan and Kelly or an Annie and Ethan?


the-break-up.jpg Anti-Valentine's Day Movies
Do you call Valentine's Day by its real name -- Singles' Awareness Day? Are you already dreading the hearts, candies and flowers? Then these are the movies for you. From classics "Fatal Attraction" and "War of the Roses" to recent hits like "The Break Up," these are the movies that will not be ignored, Dan.

couples-not-into.jpgTV Couples that we're just not that into
Throwing together characters romantically -- or contriving to keep them apart -- is a TV staple. Another common occurence? Couples that viewers aren't really invested in their getting -- or staying -- together. Take a look at some TV couples that we can't really work up any enthusiasm for.

love-kills.jpg When Love Kills: 26 murderous movies
There's plenty of drama in love, but sometimes there's screaming, blood, maybe even a chainsaw or two. For the non-romantics, here's a look at some prominent movie killers -- one is even called "Valentine." Who knows, maybe you'll even find the love of your life?

512foreman13.jpg'Grey's Anatomy,' 'House,' 'Private Practice' and other TV romances TV Gal hates
Let's take an anti-Valentine's Day gander at some of the more dysfunctional couples on TV. Are you sick of Foreteen on "House?" Have you given up the campaign for the McCallisters on "Brothers and Sisters?" Are you calling a time of death for Cristina and Owen on "Grey's Anatomy?"

crazy-ladies.jpg The Crazy Ladies Guide to Love
The crazy lady thriller never goes out of style. Our personal favorite? Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell in "Basic Instinct" -- "What are you gonna do? Charge me with smoking?" Here's a guide to the do's and don'ts for those women lusting after men, who for whatever reason, are unavailable.

chuck-sarah.jpgChuck and Sarah: Not worth the fuss
Chuck and Sarah were cute in the beginning, but Rachel Bilson's guest stint kind of changed that and it's been reinforced with Kristin Kreuk this season. Chuck has a special kind of chemistry with the cute little brunettes that seems somehow lacking in his prolonged infatuation with Sarah...

vday-premiere.jpg "Valentine's Day" premiere pics
Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway and cast step out in Hollywood at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Bryce Robinson's "Valentine's Day" crush. Not another on set romance!

10-year-old Bryce Robinson doesn't have a girlfriend, but he has a 'crush.' Awww.

Jennifer Garner's best Valentine's Day was not with Ben Affleck
Or Scott Foley. Or Michael Vartan. It was in Napa with her best girlfriend.

Taylor Lautner's early Valentine's Day
Taylor Lautner made a surprise appearance at the "Valentine's Day" premiere in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb. 8.

Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner to redo 'Laverne & Shirley'
Will these two "Valentine's Day" co-stars be shlemieling and schlemazeling in Milwaukee? Hopefully director Garry Marshall's sister Penny Marshall can make a cameo.

taylor-lautner-187.jpg Will Taylor Lautner star in 'New Year's Eve?'
There's already a sequel to "Valentine's Day" in the works. It's called "New Year's Eve" and it's set in New York City on (gasp) New Year's Eve. Will Taylor Lautner sign on? He'll probably be too busy playing Max Steel, Stretch Armstrong and six hundred other hunky, youthful roles.

Jennifer Garner's one-night-swim with a dolphin
Ummm... Jennifer Garner has a TMI moment with David Letterman

Taylor Lautner's birthday song: 'I'm Too Sexy'
Thursday, Feb. 11 is Taylor Lautner's 18th birthday. Which song topped the charts on the actual day of his birth? Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy." Of course it was.

Was "Valentine's Day" de-gayed for the trailer or just spayed for the surprise?

Take a look back at the careers of the stars of "Valentine's Day."

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