Zap2it's 'My Faves': Schedule your favorite shows on a personalized page

my-faves-button-zap2it.jpgWe here at Zap2it understand there's a lot of TV out there to watch. Scheduling all of your favorite shows into your life can take up some time. When is your favorite show on? When is the next new episode? How can you catch up on shows you've missed? 

my-faves-circled-showcards-zap2it.jpgWe've developed a handy way to organize your shows with Zap2it's "My Faves" page. It's simple to register. Then you can start adding your favorite shows to your personalized "My Faves" page by clicking on the "Add to My Faves" link on each show's Showcard (just search using the box at the top right.) When new episodes are scheduled, they will be highlighted on your "My Faves" page. 

Register for "My Faves" now, and start lining up your shows! Especially before Fall Premiere time!