Zayn Malik defends engagement to Perrie Edwards: 'That's privately between me and her'

Zayn Malik's engagement to Perrie Edwards came as something of a surprise, especially in light of the fact that Edwards doesn't play a big role in Malik's new concert movie "This Is Us." The topic of the engagement was brought up during a recent press day for the movie, and Malik defended his relationship to a reporter who questioned how much time Malik and Edwards spend together.

"I see her a lot and that's obviously privately between me and her," he says. "Yeah we just got engaged and I'm really happy and that's about as much as I have to say about that."

The reporter had made a comment claiming that the girlfriend portions of "This Is Us" were edited out, but Malik's bandmate Louis Tomlinson said that's not the case. "When we obviously have our free time, when we had a week at home or whatever, the cameras wouldn't be with us then," he says.

So bottom line: do Malik and Edwards have time to actually date one another? "We do indeed," he says."

Photo/Video credit: YouTube/Instagram