'Zero Charisma': Nerdist feature length film gets a new poster


Nerdist has unveiled a new poster for "Zero Charisma," Nerdist Industries' first feature film collaboration with Tribeca Films.

"Zero Charisma" made its premiere at SXSW Festival to positive reviews. It tells the story of a D&D dungeon master named Scott who must find a replacement player in his ongoing D&D game after one man quits to save his marriage. The replacement is a younger, hipper form of nerd who doesn't mesh well with Scott, who has suffered over the years for his nerdy interests.

Starring Sam Eidson, Garrett Graham and Anne Gee Byrd, "Zero Charisma" will be available on iTunes, digital formats and cable VOD on Oct. 8, and will premiere in select theaters on Oct. 11. Check out the trailer for the movie below:

Photo/Video credit: Nerdist