'Zombie Apocalypse': Syfy movie innovates in the field of undead animals

zombie-apocalypse-ving-rhames.jpg "The Walking Dead" will bring the high-brow zombie action when it airs on Sunday. In the meantime, there's "Zombie Apocalypse."

Syfy's movie, which debuted Saturday (Oct. 29), had all the elements of the channel's usual schlocky flicks: A what's-he-doing-here star ( Ving Rhames), cheapo effects (as you can see in the clip below) and a plot that's about 5 degrees off something with a bigger budget and audience -- in this case, "The Walking Dead."

"Apocalypse" does, however, boast one thing that AMC's hit series does not: a zombie tiger.

Let's say that again: Zombie tiger. What do you have to say about that, Rick Grimes? Here, take a look:

zombie-apocalypse-tiger.jpgSo, yeah -- "Zombie Apocalypse" isn't going to make you forget "The Walking Dead," or "Dawn of the Dead," or "Zombieland," or any other zombie movie you happen to favor. But none of them have undead jungle cats, so that's something.

Here's a clip from the movie.

Photo/Video credit: Syfy