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E15 The Wild and the Innocent Rico's sheriff's training gets into full swing as he and Barnes handle calls around the city. Sun, February 01 2004
E14 Love Don't Love Nobody Rico and Barnes encounter star-crossed lovers at the center of a violent clash between rival gangs. Sun, January 25 2004
E13 Gypsy Road Deputies are forced to press charges against a remorseful 16-year-old girl who abandoned her baby. Sun, January 18 2004
E12 Flirtin' With Disaster Deputies deal with a man who has taken a fifth-grade class hostage. Sun, January 11 2004
E11 Lucy in the Sky When Rico helps bust up an illegal fight club, he takes a shine to one its female boxers. Sun, December 21 2003
E10 The Wild Bunch Deputies hunt crooks who are posing as police officers and staging home invasions. Sun, December 07 2003
E9 Let It Bleed An Asian gang targets Rico for revenge after he witnesses a fatal shooting at a video store. Sun, November 30 2003
E8 Gimme Shelter Barnes and Briggs warn Rico that he needs to stop letting emotion rule his work. Sun, November 23 2003
E7 Late for School Rico gets a new training officer after a dizzy spell puts Barnes on desk duty. Sun, November 09 2003
E6 Mercy, Mercy Me Rico is investigated after utilizing a self-defense technique picked up in Brooklyn. Sun, November 02 2003
E5 Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik Barnes hopes an ex-con working in gang intervention can help him track down a ruthless murderer. Sun, October 26 2003
E4 Badlands Ignoring the advice of Barnes, Rico searches for an abused boy's real father. Sun, October 19 2003
E3 Gun of a Son Rico tries to figure out why his widowed father has come to see him. Sun, October 12 2003
E2 Hard Day's Night A black cat crosses Rico's path at the start of his shift, leading to a series of misadventures. Sun, October 05 2003
E1 Brothers in Arms A one-time punk repudiates a life of crime to become a rookie police officer. Sun, September 28 2003
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