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E22 American Gulag Rio and Wiley learn that Russian men are forcing local boys to attend their terrorist training camp. Wed, May 19 1999
E21 Red Sub A Russian mobster plans to sell a submarine to a local felon. Wed, May 12 1999
E20 Heartbreak Hotel Rio helps fighting brothers reach a decision about their ailing mother. Wed, May 05 1999
E19 Blown Away Evil mobsters capture Rio and a bold female reporter, whose attitude got them into trouble. Wed, April 28 1999
E18 The Rescue A woman hires Rio and Wiley to rescue her daughter Carmen, who has been kidnapped by her father. Wed, March 24 1999
E17 The Court Martial of Rio Arnett Rio is arrested after an illegal weapons requisition is discovered with his signature. Wed, February 24 1999
E16 Eye of the Storm A hurricane heads for Costa Perdida, and so does Rio's mortal enemy, Stanley. Wed, February 17 1999
E15 Catch-23 A group of soldiers are sent to track down and kill Rio's father Frank, who is hiding in the jungle. Wed, February 10 1999
E14 Engraved Danger Terrorists ambush an armored car, taking a black box and leaving millions in cash. Wed, February 03 1999
E13 Fear of Flying A former OIS agent wants Wiley for his private army of soldier-slaves. Wed, January 27 1999
E12 Old Gold A man who knew Rio's father comes to Costa Perdida in search of Viet Cong gold. Wed, January 20 1999
E11 The Witness A teen who witnessed the murder of a senator disappears while under Rio's protection. Wed, January 13 1999
E10 Fever After a tourist contracts hemorrhagic fever, Rio must find a survivor with life-saving antibodies. Wed, December 02 1998
E9 'Til Death Rick falls for a woman he is hired to protect from her dangerous, abusive husband. Wed, November 25 1998
E8 High Noon in Costa Perdida A street fighter will tear down the Parador for a casino. Wed, November 18 1998
E7 The Hit Rio and Wiley are ordered to protect the life of Ramon Estrada, a filthy gangster in Buenaventura. Wed, November 11 1998
E6 Rebound An industrialist will stop at nothing to get an ambassadorship for his son. Wed, November 04 1998
E5 Seller's Market Reno must escort a recovery team to a crashed satellite with a weapons-grade plutonium component. Wed, October 28 1998
E4 Abduction Villagers disappear suddenly and alarmingly; Rio may lose his contract with Allison. Wed, October 21 1998
E3 Crosshairs Rio tries to help a beautiful nightclub singer and gets framed for murder. Wed, October 14 1998
E2 Hostage Situation Following a corrupt election, revolutionaries take over the Parador. Wed, October 07 1998
E1 Lost City An attractive archaeologist has her eye on buried antiquities and Rio. Wed, September 30 1998
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