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E26 Pushing the Limits Elderly passenger goes missing. Mon, December 19 2005
E24 The Waiting Game A passenger worries that his medication may not arrive; a flight to Philadelphia is overbooked. Mon, December 12 2005
E25 Crying for Help A man desperate to see his wife misses his connection. Mon, December 12 2005
E23 Decision Time A beauty pageant contestant is afraid to fly; a mother expects to meet her young son off a flight. Mon, November 28 2005
E22 Turbulence Everywhere Gina begins her career as a flight attendant; police must handle an angry group of passengers. Mon, October 24 2005
E21 Going Places Gina enrolls in Southwest's flight-attendant training program; a comic entertains passengers. Mon, October 17 2005
E20 Cruise Control Mechanical failure in the cockpit. Mon, October 10 2005
E19 Taking Care of Business Red liquid shows up in baggage; Red Sox fans take an overbooked flight; young would-be pilots. Mon, September 19 2005
E18 Love At First Flight Employee Tom proposes to a girlfriend. Mon, September 12 2005
E16 Timing Is Everything At Chicago Midway, people missing flights; canceled flights. Mon, August 29 2005
E17 Let's Face the Music and Dance Ballroom dancers head to Austin for a major dance competition. Mon, August 29 2005
E15 It Takes All Sorts A passenger is pulled off a flight. Fri, August 26 2005
E14 You Can't Take It With You A mangling in baggage-handling; gasoline in a backpack; a woman's credit card is maxed out. Mon, August 15 2005
E13 South of the Border Young Americans help needy Mexican villagers; a couple arrives too late for their flight. Mon, August 08 2005
E12 When the Going Gets Tough A rodeo star passes through; passengers miss their flights; passengers are in need of company. Mon, July 25 2005
E11 Stormy Weather Mother Nature wreaks havoc in Houston. Mon, July 18 2005
E10 Cabin Fever A woman fears flying; a Russian family misses its flight; security angers a man. Mon, July 11 2005
E9 Mind Over Matter Passenger, 108, boards in Chicago. Mon, June 27 2005
E8 Risky Business Poker players break out the cards on their flight to Las Vegas. Mon, June 20 2005
E7 Life Swap Ballet dancer seeks job in Las Vegas. Mon, June 06 2005
E6 April Fool A passenger has an invisible wife. Mon, May 23 2005
E5 A Hard Day's Flight Beatles tribute band can't fly. Mon, May 16 2005
E4 Mardi Gras Mardi Gras costume competitors. Mon, May 09 2005
E3 Things That Go Bump at the Airport Ghostbuster senses spiritual activity. Mon, May 09 2005
E1 Takes Two to Tango Elderly passenger's ailments act up. Mon, May 02 2005
E2 The Sky's the Limit DJ Rapture drowns his sorrows. Mon, May 02 2005
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