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E12 Only Three to a Bed The boys plan to make money by bringing in a herd of wild horses. Sat, January 13 1973
E11 Witness to a Lynching Heyes and Curry are hired to escort two witnesses to a lynching. Sat, December 16 1972
E10 McGuffin Heyes and Curry become involved with a man who claims he is a U.S. Treasury agent. Sat, December 09 1972
E9 The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick The men jeopardize their amnesty by going south of the border. Sat, December 02 1972
E8 The Day the Amnesty Came Through A change in governors fulfills Heyes' and Curry's hopes for amnesty. Sat, November 25 1972
E7 The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry Curry is imprisoned in a scheme to get the pair blamed for an ingenious bank robbery. Sat, November 04 1972
E6 What Happened at the XST? Heyes and Curry arrive in a Wyoming town to help an old friend dig up buried loot. Sat, October 28 1972
E5 Bushwack! Heyes and Curry become embroiled in a range war. Sat, October 21 1972
E4 The Clementine Ingredient Clementine must pose as Curry's wife when the outlaws decide to retire in Mexico. Sat, October 07 1972
E3 The McCreedy Feud McCreedy hires Heyes and Curry to end his feud with Mexican rancher Armendariz. Sat, September 30 1972
E2 High Lonesome Country A greedy rancher seeking a bounty hires Heyes and Curry to supposedly trap animals. Sat, September 23 1972
E1 The Long Chase To help Heyes and Curry escape from a posse, Briscoe says he is taking them into custody. Sat, September 16 1972
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