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E18 Raja at Sixteen Raja dates a Muslim girl; Justin asks out a neurotic girl. Sun, May 18 2008
E17 Wake at the Lake Raja joins a group opposed to student drinking and must organize a fake funeral. Sun, May 11 2008
E16 Smutty Books One of the PTA moms tries to get "smutty" books banned from the school curriculum. Sun, May 04 2008
E15 The Muslim Card Raja befriends a girl named Mindy, feeling that she is unfairly ostracized. Sun, April 27 2008
E14 One Hundred Thousand Miles When Raja prays at the airport, the family is questioned and must postpone its vacation. Sun, March 23 2008
E13 Community Theater Franny convinces Justin to join her community theater group, where he befriends the lead actress. Sun, March 16 2008
E12 Hunting Raja's fascination with Gary's crossbow leads to an embarrassing accident. Sun, March 09 2008
E11 Mom's Coma Justin pretends that Franny is in a coma to win the sympathy of a bully. Sun, March 02 2008
E10 Church Franny is convinced that the family needs to resume attending church. Mon, December 10 2007
E9 Junior Prank Justin and Raja outdo themselves when they devise an outrageous school prank. Mon, November 26 2007
E8 My Musky, Myself Justin and Raja share the job -- and the costume -- of the school mascot. Mon, November 19 2007
E7 Purple Heart Raja starts smoking; Justin tries to cheer Claire after her breakup with her boyfriend. Mon, November 12 2007
E6 Homecoming A feud develops between Justin and Raja over a homecoming float. Mon, November 05 2007
E5 Help Wanted When Raja gets a job at a convenience store, Justin and his friends hang out in the parking lot. Mon, October 29 2007
E4 The Metamorphosis Raja upsets the guys at school by convincing the hottest girl in school to dress more modestly. Mon, October 22 2007
E3 Rocket Club Raja tries to buy parts to build a rocket, causing others to suspect him of plotting terrorism. Mon, October 15 2007
E2 No Man Is an Island When Raja discusses his feelings for Justin in class, their classmates mercilessly tease them. Mon, October 08 2007
E1 Pilot A 16-year-old Wisconsin high-school student befriends a foreign-exchange student from Pakistan. Mon, October 01 2007
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