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E20 No information found. Mon, March 30 2015 12:39 pm EDT
E19 No information found. Mon, March 30 2015 12:39 pm EDT
E18 No information found. Mon, March 30 2015 12:39 pm EDT
E17 A girl accidentally swallows a bug during a a roller coaster ride; cats alarmed by their reflection. Sun, March 22 2015
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E16 A little girl is caught in a lie; a boy is embarrassed by his father's attire; funny cat clips. Sun, March 15 2015
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E15 A jealous dog tries to interrupt a kiss; a cat reacts to a dog dressed as a zebra. Sun, March 08 2015
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E14 AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity Celebration Celebrating 25 years of the show; Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Cristela Alonzo. Sun, February 15 2015
E13 Dogs behaving badly; a little girl tries to remove wrinkles from a shirt with a hammer. Sun, February 08 2015
E12 A little girl denies eating cake -- despite the evidence on her face. Sun, January 25 2015
E11 A boy gets angry when his toy ATV gets stuck on a curb; two kids get caught kissing by a mom. Sun, January 18 2015
E10 Kids making messes; a little girl with a piece of candy stuck up her nose; cats creating chaos. Sun, January 11 2015
E9 A little boy runs away from the school bus; basketball mishaps; Ice Bucket Challenges gone wrong. Sun, January 04 2015
E8 Christmas-themed videos include a little girl's reaction to a new puppy. Sun, December 07 2014
E7 A woman loses her wig while riding a mechanical bull; a montage of golf mishaps. Sun, November 30 2014
E6 A tribute to Thanksgiving includes a family prank involving a turkey; Head, Gut or Groin. Sun, November 23 2014
E5 Dogs look guilty after destroying furniture; a cockatoo gives dogs treats. Sun, November 16 2014
E4 A toddler sees twins for the first time; an electric bike takes off on its own. Sun, November 09 2014
E3 A little boy's reaction to his first kiss; a man does cartwheels in a hotel hall; soccer mishaps. Sun, November 02 2014
E2 Animals dressed in costumes; people reacting to learning they are going to become grandparents. Sun, October 19 2014
E1 Ice bucket challenges gone wrong; a little girl tries out a new gift; dog montage. Sun, October 12 2014
No episodes found.
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