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E22 What the World Needs Now The Creeper uses his knowledge of the Core to gain power and force the Animalians to do his bidding. Sat, January 23 2010
E21 Back to the Present Alex and Zoe return to Animalia and join the fight against Tyrannicus' oppressive rule. Sat, January 16 2010
E20 Paradise Found Alex and Zoe decide it's time to go home; Allegra and Tyrannicus both want to be the new leader. Sat, January 09 2010
E19 Guardians of the Core Alex finds the Guardians of the Core Guidebook. Sat, December 19 2009
E18 Tomorrow Alex and Zoe write an original sci-fi story. Sat, December 12 2009
E17 The Dragon and the Night When a corespore goes missing, Animalians are not able to agree on anything. Sat, December 05 2009
E16 A to Z Pages disappear from Animalia's Big Book of Words. Sat, November 28 2009
E15 Ballad of the Creeper The Creeper invents a device that can corrupt the corespore. Sat, November 21 2009
E14 Scary Story-Go-Round Everyone in Animalia gets a turn to tell one continuous scary story. Sat, November 14 2009
E13 The Mystery of the Missing Melba Alex gets a video camera and begins doing research about the missing Melba. Sat, November 07 2009
E12 The Animal Within Alex and Zoe are appalled by the lack of table manners displayed by the Horrible Hogs. Sat, October 31 2009
E10 Alex's Treasure Island A corespore blows during a performance of "Treasure Island." Sat, October 17 2009
E9 The Day Zoe Listened Alex bets Zoe she can't get through a full day without talking. Sat, October 10 2009
E8 Tunnel King The Animalians get stuck in the tunnels. Sat, October 03 2009
E7 Getting Over the Glums The search is on for the funniest joke in Animalia. Sat, February 28 2009
E6 The Dream-Weavers Alex and Zoe search for the Dream-Weaver to rescue Animalia from nightmares. Sat, February 21 2009
E5 Nothing But the Truth Tyrannicus starts a rumor that Livingstone is going to retire. Sat, February 14 2009
E4 The World According to Iggy The Creeper goes after Erno and Elni while Iggy cares for their baby, Echo. Sat, February 07 2009
E3 The Call to Action Livingstone wants to reconcile with the Creeper, but T.C. is uncooperative. Sat, January 31 2009
E2 Whistling in the Dark Alex and Zoe visit a room filled with Animalian relics. Sat, January 24 2009
E1 Alex's Secret Code Alex discovers symbols in a cave that help explain the history of Animalia. Sat, January 17 2009
E11 Taking a Guilt Trip Alex feels guilty after helping the Creeper escape from the portal. Thu, June 19 2008
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