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E8 The Kiss Adam flirts with fellow prosecutor Ana in an effort to fluster Susan. Tue, April 01 2003
E7 Sullivan, Rakoff & Associate Adam hopes romance will blossom when he and Susan embark on a trip to Arizona to prepare a witness. Tue, March 18 2003
E6 Walter's First Law Suit Adam buys his paralegal, Walter, a new suit and preps him for his first date. Tue, March 11 2003
E5 The Joint Report ... A Love Story Adam has an affair with a judge and receives a prized nomination. Tue, March 04 2003
E4 Till Death Do Us Part Adam receives a death threat after questioning a mobster (David Proval). Tue, February 25 2003
E3 12 Happy Grandmothers Aware of his boyish charm, Adam endeavors to stack his jury with elderly women. Tue, February 18 2003
E2 Rich Man, Poor Man A former classmate offers Adam a lucrative job with a prestigious law firm. Tue, February 11 2003
E1 Pilot An assistant U.S. Attorney goes head-to-head with his former classmate. Tue, February 04 2003
E12 Nothing but the Truth Adam begs a police officer to take him on a raid so he can brag about it later.
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