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E26 Lacey and Domonique Determined to deliver the baby naturally; anxious to deliver a healthy baby. Tue, June 07 2011
E25 Suzanne and Zena An emergency c-section; a wedding in the hospital before the baby is born. Mon, June 06 2011
E24 Eulala and Ciara On time for the birth; the baby is upside-down. Fri, June 03 2011
E23 Heather and Trish Heather must deliver due to her high blood pressure; Trish is fearful of all unknowns. Thu, June 02 2011
E22 Flore and Erica Erica's birth plan has changed; Flore's scar tissue leads doctors to another birth option. Wed, June 01 2011
E21 Veronica and Cynthia Veronica is in labor after 13 years since her last birth; Cynthia delivers her baby on her birthday. Tue, May 31 2011
E20 Amanda and Erin Shortly after taking medication, Erin's water breaks; Amanda is induced at 41 weeks. Fri, May 27 2011
E19 Catheryne and Stephanie Catheryne fights induction medication; Stephanie is five centimeters dilated. Thu, May 26 2011
E18 Stephanie and Sara Beth Stephanie has issues dealing with pain; Sara Beth has a scheduled caesarian section. Wed, May 25 2011
E17 Joy and Patricia Joy's chronic arm pain worries her; Patricia's fourth child labor concerns her. Tue, May 24 2011
E16 Angie and Ashley Angie uses hypnosis to cope with labor; Ashley attempts a vaginal delivery. Mon, May 23 2011
E15 Jodie and Charity Charity is overdue and has to be induced; Jodie fears a probable C-section. Fri, May 20 2011
E14 Amanda and Katie Amanda is not sure her plan for a natural delivery was the right choice. Thu, May 19 2011
E13 Ashley and Aggie Ashley goes into early labor; Aggie's husband makes it home just in time. Wed, May 18 2011
E12 Kathryne and Pace Kathryn and Katie expect their second child and want to deliver the child un-medicated. Tue, May 17 2011
E11 Amanda and Michelle Amanda gives birth without her husband; Michelle has to get a c-section. Mon, May 16 2011
E10 Brittany and Megan Brittany must change her birth plan when she gets high blood pressure. Fri, May 13 2011
E9 Jennifer and Audrey Audrey works through the pain without medication; Jennifer tries to keep her mother out. Thu, May 12 2011
E8 Amber and Dana Amber is pushed to get an epidural; Dana has to wait for pain relief. Wed, May 11 2011
E7 Lori and Tyreon Tyreon's unborn baby's heart rate dips low; Lori's baby doesn't decent into the birth canal. Tue, May 10 2011
E6 Tiffany and Jamie Tiffany is forced to have a c-section; Jamie labors as naturally as possible. Mon, May 09 2011
E5 Demetria and Kaylen Kaylen's muscular dystrophy and scoliosis interfere with her delivery; Demetria labor is halted. Fri, May 06 2011
E4 Tamala and Ashley Tamala must have a c-section due to sicklecell anemia; Ashley's newborn son must be taken to NICU. Thu, May 05 2011
E3 Joanne and Julie JoAnne is anxious about a c-section delivery; Julie worries about a painful and long delivery. Wed, May 04 2011
E2 Erin and Janay Erin goes through a painful labor unmedicated; Janay labors pain free. Tue, May 03 2011
E1 Heydie and Bekah Heydie's rapid labor forces a natural delivery; Bekah's all natural birth plan falls apart. Mon, May 02 2011
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