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E13 Finale The musical isn't complete; Belinda adds Baxter and Emma; Baxter's father shows up. Sun, January 02 2011
E12 Cindy and the Prince of Rock The musical theatre teacher has a creative block; Marcus and Tessie are the leads in musical. Sun, October 17 2010
E11 Vampire Movies Baxter and Emma decide to make a vampire movie for English class. Sun, October 10 2010
E10 Dancing Fools Baxter tries to join a workshop to get closer to Anya; Deven needs Emma's help. Sun, August 01 2010
E9 Trust Games A theater games instructor comes to the school; Deven must do a ballet routine with the school diva. Sun, July 18 2010
E8 Zap the Competition A pimple commercial is being shot at school; Marcus protests against the commercial. Sun, July 11 2010
E7 Audition Fever Baxter tries out for a small part in a musical and then decides to compete with Marcus for the lead. Sun, July 04 2010
E6 Duelling Hearts Deven is frustrated by the lame Renaissance dancing and wants to quit. Sun, June 27 2010
E5 To Crush or Not to Crush Baxter's love poem to Tassie gets posted on the bulletin board. Sun, June 20 2010
E4 Cry Me a River Baxter risks getting kicked out of the drama program; Deven questions an A- for his performance. Sun, June 13 2010
E3 Baxter McNab Baxter resolves to keep his famous father a secret but Emma has other plans. Sun, June 06 2010
E1 Mock vs. Rock Marcus tries to defend his Battle of the Bands title; Jenna dumps her boyfriend. Mon, May 24 2010
E2 Dance Craze-Y Baxter and Emma try to cheer up Tassie who has been dumped by Marcus. Mon, May 24 2010
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