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E22 Castles in the Sand Cody's boat is stolen; a man's fiancee falls for Mitch; Alex finds mysterious sand castles. Mon, May 17 1999
E21 Galaxy Girls The Galaxy Girls competition is in town; guest George Hamilton. Mon, May 10 1999
E20 Wave Rage Neely wants to bring charges against Mitch; Manny is paralyzed after an accident. Mon, May 03 1999
E19 Double Jeopardy Alex saves a man who's been shot by two thieves; Hobie moves out on Mitch. Mon, April 26 1999
E18 Waterdance Cody falls for a beautiful violinist; Alex proves her worth to Mitch. Mon, March 22 1999
E17 Baywatch Down Under Jake's plans to take Terry to California go awry; the competition ends abruptly. Mon, February 22 1999
E16 Baywatch Down Under After his ex-wife's death, Jake has the opportunity to meet the son he never knew. Mon, February 15 1999
E15 Grand Prix Mitch becomes a racecar driver; rescue receives media attention. Mon, February 08 1999
E14 Boys Will Be Boys Cody, JD and Jesse compete in a triathlon; Craig tells Mitch and April that he has cancer. Mon, February 01 1999
E13 Come Fly With Me An abused boy seeks refuge at Mitch's house; Jesse has a secret admirer. Mon, January 18 1999
E12 The Big Blue Mitch tries to patch things up between a military officer and his daughter. Mon, January 11 1999
E11 The Edge Aspiring Olympian Cody takes performance-enhancing drugs; Newmie makes a play for Alex. Mon, December 14 1998
E10 Friends Forever Mitch and the lifeguards help some children prepare for the Special Olympics. Mon, November 23 1998
E9 The Swimmer Police get a medal for JD and Cody's bravery; Mitch takes a swimming tour of the lifeguard towers. Mon, November 16 1998
E8 Swept Away Mitch befriends an abused 9-year-old; Alex auditions for "Jeopardy." Mon, November 09 1998
E7 Hot Summer Night Mitch must bail Hobie out of jail when he's accused of manslaughter after a boating accident. Mon, November 02 1998
E6 Drop Zone April fails to save a drowning tourist; Jesse's ex-lover escapes from prison. Mon, October 26 1998
E5 The Natural A phantom lifeguard saves people, then disappears; supply salesman Ed Symes returns. Mon, October 19 1998
E4 Dolphin Quest Alex and Cody take Alex's autistic nephew to Hawaii to swim with dolphins. Mon, October 12 1998
E3 Sharks, Lies & Videotape Rival lifeguards try dishonest tactics to win the county contract from Baywatch. Mon, October 05 1998
E2 Crash The lifeguards race to the 747 crash scene to rescue survivors. Mon, September 28 1998
E1 Crash As Mitch and Neely's marriage is disintegrating, April and Cody's plane crashes. Mon, September 21 1998
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