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E18 Most Extreme Patients Obese people undergo weight-loss surgery to regain their lives. Wed, November 18 2009
E17 A Family Affair Wed, October 21 2009
E16 The Skinny on Diabetes Thu, July 09 2009
E15 The Heavy Price of Obesity A woman must lose weight after a series of surgeries. Wed, July 01 2009
E14 Everything to Lose Thu, June 25 2009
E13 Allen Walks A man who once weighed half a ton walks for the first time in a decade. Thu, June 11 2009
E11 A woman realizes that she must lose weight; a woman deals with sagging skin. Sun, May 18 2008
E12 A woman decides she needs to have surgery if she wants to have a normal life. Sun, May 18 2008
E10 A woman finally takes steps to shed the weight that was once a source of ridicule. Sun, May 18 2008
E9 After losing more than 600 pounds, a patient attempts to walk for the first time in 10 years. Sun, May 18 2008
E8 Party's Over Doctors deny surgery for Erin; Louise must give up her wild ways before she can have surgery. Wed, March 05 2008
E7 Making Amends Chris must deal with his involvement in the death of a friend; Tammy reconnects with her family. Wed, February 27 2008
E6 Obesity and Children Tiffany works to drop more weight prior to her surgery. Wed, February 20 2008
E5 Life or Death Doctors struggle to convince Tiffany to enter a weight-loss facility before it is too late. Wed, February 13 2008
E4 Why I Am Gaining Weight Gastric bypass surgery; excess skin around the knees. Wed, January 30 2008
E3 The Most Extreme Skin Removal Melissa undergoes surgery; Kim plans surgery to remove her excess skin. Wed, January 23 2008
E2 Obesity and Marriage Allen is nearly able to walk for the first time in years. Wed, January 16 2008
E1 Losing Large Double mastectomy; Vanessa wants sagging skin removed; Rachel gets ready for surgery. Wed, January 09 2008
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