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E22 Nykol Russell; Angelica Cruz Nykol's boyfriend has traded her in for a more mature ride; Angelica's husband has a girlfriend. Mon, May 11 2015
E21 Lucy Wheeler; Austin Carey A boyfriend fixes anything except a relationship; a small-town love becomes a big-city girl. Mon, May 04 2015
E20 Diane Taylor; Tatyana Thompson Tatyana's girlfriend spends her free time with another woman. Mon, April 27 2015
E19 Brenda Richards; Irene Neal Brenda suspects her boyfriend of cheating; Irene's long-distance boyfriend has a girlfriend at home. Mon, April 20 2015
E18 Brandi Landry; Brice Paul Brice's girlfriend smokes out and gets down with another man. Mon, April 13 2015
E17 Carly Dillon; James Sheppard Carly's girlfriend plays for both teams; James' girlfriend slums with another man. Mon, April 06 2015
E16 Katy MacInnis; Tammie Everson Katy's husband leads a secret double life; the father of Tammie's children loves another woman. Mon, February 16 2015
E15 Tony Jacobs; JT Hamilton The love of Tony's life loves playing the field; JT's girlfriend shacks up with his best friend. Mon, February 09 2015
E14 Tom Bickel; Tuneshia Vey Tom finds his wife with another man; Tuneshia's boyfriend has a wife on the side. Mon, February 02 2015
E13 Corinne Johnson; Abdul Noonan Corinne's stage-director boyfriend acts like a sneak; Abdul's girlfriend boinks the maintenance man. Mon, January 26 2015
E12 Robert Perry; Nicki Ross Nicki's graphic-artist boyfriend gets pornographic with another woman. Mon, January 19 2015
E11 Jennifer E.; Kay Simpson Jennifer's EMT boyfriend flits around with several women; Kay's restaurateur fiancee. Mon, January 12 2015
E10 Tina Martin; Katrina Anderson Tina's husband makes some very wrong turns in his creeper van; Katrina's boyfriend has a boyfriend. Mon, November 17 2014
E9 Tobyn Burke; Byron Halpern Tobyn's retail-manager girlfriend sells him out for another man. Mon, November 10 2014
E8 Kitty Ramsey; Harmoniee Vance Kitty's musician girlfriend plays someone else's instrument; Harmoniee's boyfriend has a baby. Mon, November 03 2014
E7 Ian Sutter; Richard Sharp Richard's freeloading girlfriend mooches kisses from another man. Mon, October 27 2014
E6 Nicole Lombardi; Stephanie Valentine Nicole's husband entertains another woman in their second home. Mon, October 20 2014
E5 Eryn Shields; Mimi Barber Eryn's boyfriend raises hell at his ranch; Mimi's boyfriend parcels out his love to another woman. Mon, October 13 2014
E4 Larry White; Kristina Boll Larry finds his unemployed girlfriend begging for smooches from another man. Mon, October 06 2014
E3 Jess Allen; Jessica Sanders Jess' comic boyfriend acts a bit funny in their relationship. Mon, September 29 2014
E2 Nikki Schultz; Tiffany Crawford Nikki's boyfriend spends time and money on another woman; Tiffany's boyfriend cheats. Mon, September 22 2014
E1 Nifa Bennett; Markel Weber Nifa's fiancee has been entertaining a girlfriend; Markel's boyfriend is truly a boy fiend. Mon, September 15 2014
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