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E14 The Voice Voice reveals herself in an attempt to save the Earth, which is about to come under a Bailey attack. Mon, March 05 2001
E13 Noir or Never The Bureau of Health pursues Cleopatra who may be carrying a strain of a 21st-century disease. Mon, February 26 2001
E12 No Thanks for the Memories Sarge is charged with the murder of Dylan Degaillen, a noted member of the Black Watch. Mon, February 19 2001
E11 The Soldier Who Fell From Grace The team is broken up when Voice replaces Hel with Marcus, the first team leader of the Resistance. Mon, February 12 2001
E10 In Your Boots Creegan uses one of his ingenious gadgets to switch bodies with Hel. Mon, February 05 2001
E9 Truth Be Told Hel releases the evil Creegan from prison, believing he can help her find her father. Mon, January 29 2001
E8 Juggernaut Down Cleopatra and her comrades experience a close encounter when they are pursued by a Bailey. Mon, November 27 2000
E7 Out of Body Out for revenge, Raina sends Cleopatra to another plane of existence. Mon, November 20 2000
E6 Pod Whisperer Cleopatra and Sarge use vehicle built by Mauser to rescue Hel. Mon, November 13 2000
E5 Reality Check Cleopatra gets trapped in a virtual reality where she reunites with Johnny. Mon, November 06 2000
E4 Mauser's Day Out Mauser reverts to his old betrayer form when Sarge attempts to reprogram him to meet her needs. Mon, October 30 2000
E3 Brain Drain Hel is infected with a knowledge-draining parasite that will eventually kill its host. Mon, October 23 2000
E2 Baby Boom The Bailies program an infant to detonate in the Underground. Mon, October 09 2000
E1 The Watch Sarge tracks her former Black Watch leader while trying to save Lily's life. Mon, October 02 2000
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