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E11 Player Rep Pete forges Dean's autograph, and Tavares cannot manage to get out of his slump. Thu, August 04 2005
E10 Old Timer's Day A baseball legend is convinced to come to the ballpark for Old Timers Day. Thu, July 28 2005
E9 Save Situation Pete wants a piece of the action when Lou invests in a real estate deal. Thu, July 21 2005
E8 Stealing Home Pete tries to juggle his longtime girlfriend and a soap opera star. Thu, July 14 2005
E7 Between First & Home Pete agrees to help cover up Tavares' affair by entertaining his girlfriend. Sat, November 20 2004
E6 Road Trip A heartbroken Pete is consoled by his first road trip with the Empires. Sat, November 13 2004
E5 Spectator Interference Pete agrees to run for school president, but Mike's campaign strategy is based on the Empires. Sat, November 06 2004
E4 Trade Talks Pete tries anything to put a stop to rumors that Dean will be traded. Tue, October 19 2004
E3 Chin Music The senior batboys invite Pete to spend a night under the lights. Tue, October 12 2004
E2 Breaking a Slump Pete risks losing his dream job when he tries to save the star player from a bat-corking scandal. Tue, September 28 2004
E1 Pilot Pete is caught up in a player's steroid scandal and must make a tough decision. Sun, September 26 2004
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