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E11 No information found. Wed, August 07 2013
E7 No information found. Wed, July 31 2013
E10 He's the Mayor Jake discovers the perks of being Canyon Mayor are not all they're cracked up to be. Tue, November 06 2012
E18 Heavyweight Vamp Jake gets rich promoting a boxing match for his father, then gets the opponent to take a dive. Fri, October 05 2012
E13 Confidence Builder Roxy and Jake discover a centuries-old diary and a bottle; Norm finds Butch and Sly. Sun, February 05 2012
E12 Ultimate Wedding Chicken Roxy is thrilled to take part in the Miss Crash Canyon pageant. Sun, November 27 2011
E9 Hex Marks the Spot Sun, November 20 2011
E8 Jake's First Kiss Jake is desperate for a girlfriend and mystified by what it takes to get one. Sun, November 13 2011
E6 The Big Picture Jake makes an unpopular movie. Sun, October 23 2011
E5 Moose on the Loose Crash Canyon is under attack by a moose. The canyonites are angry and ready for revenge. Sun, October 16 2011
E4 Sid Our Savior Roxy and Jake come across a strange beast, and convince Sheila to let them keep it as a pet. Sun, October 09 2011
E3 The Out of Pantsers Norm and Sheila go on a romantic weekend getaway.Jake and Roxy take advantage of their absence. Sun, October 02 2011
E2 Poker Night Norm misjudges his poker skills and loses his and Sheila's wedding rings to Earl. Sun, September 25 2011
E1 Pilot The Wendell family takes a wrong turn and plummet into a canyon, discovering an entire community. Sun, September 18 2011
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