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E13 In Through the Out Door Victor Heisenberg introduces Ed and Maria to two other cybs, but Maria is suspicious. Wed, September 07 1994
E12 In Through the Out Door Ed and Maria are captured by Wilson, who takes them to his bosses. Wed, August 31 1994
E11 Hotel California Ed and Maria head toward the desert in pursuit of a 35-year-old cyb. Wed, August 24 1994
E10 Life During Wartime Ed and Maria enlist the help of Tavis, who is a conspiracy freak. Wed, August 17 1994
E9 Cry Baby Cry Barely escaping the police, the pair finds a baby in the back seat. Wed, August 10 1994
E8 In a Cabin in the Woods Ed and Maria try to rescue Ed's mother, who has been kidnapped by Winston. Wed, August 03 1994
E7 Live for Today Sparks fly between Ed and Maria when they go to the beach to relax. Wed, July 27 1994
E6 Use Your Illusion Ed and Maria discover that they are featured in a comic book. Wed, July 20 1994
E5 Gone, Daddy, Gone Maria takes Ed to her mother's grave; her father betrays them. Wed, July 13 1994
E4 Shock the Monkey Ed and Maria search for Victor Heisenberg's grave in Viper Flats. Wed, July 06 1994
E3 Love Minus Zero Ed and Maria rescue Keri, a 17-year-old girl who is also a Cyb. Wed, June 29 1994
E2 Brain Salad Ed goes to the hospital to see a neurosurgeon; Winston tracks him by computer. Wed, June 22 1994
E1 Pilot Ed runs off with his new friend Maria after being framed for murder. Wed, June 15 1994
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