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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E39 When Worlds Collide Mikey, Angie, Jeremy and Shoutmon are transported back to Earth; Tactimon attacks. Sun, June 15 2014
E38 Fall of the Final Code Crown! Mikey acquires the final code crown after defeating a master swordsman; Tactimon challenges Mikey. Sun, June 15 2014
E37 Battle in the Digital Depths! The Fusion Fighters must rescue the Sweet Zone's Digimon and Cutemon's parents. Sun, June 08 2014
E36 Sweet Zone Bake-Off! The Fusion Fighters must compete in a bake-off in order to reclaim the Sweet Zone from Bagra forces. Sun, June 08 2014
E35 Shoutmon: Bogus King or the Real Thing? Mikey brings the Fusion Fighters and the Disc Zone residents to the Warrior Zone. Sun, June 01 2014
E34 Showdown in Shaky Town! Blastmon battles Christopher for 34 code crowns; the Disc Zone begins to collapse. Sun, June 01 2014
E33 Showdown in the Sand Zone The enemy surrounds the fusion fighters; Reapmon sacrifices himself for the team. Sat, April 26 2014
E32 Grand Adventure at the Sand Zone Ruins The team falls into an underground Bagra base. Sat, April 12 2014
E31 Fusion Fighters Get Fired Up The Fusion Fighters band together; Angie hears Beastmon talking in her sleep. Sat, April 05 2014
E30 Monitamission Impossible Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must protect the Monitamons' village from an attack. Sun, April 06 2014
E29 Mikey Becomes a Knight Mikey saves Knightmon at the Lake Zone; the Bagra forces attack the castle. Sat, March 29 2014
E28 Laughing All the Way to the Code Crown! Mikey's team must obtain the Warrior Zone's code crown to ensure a princess' safe return. Wed, March 26 2014
E27 Lost in Digital Space While traveling to the next zone, the Fusion Fighters must avoid the Digimon Arukadhimon. Sun, March 23 2014
E26 Dorulumon Runs Like the Wind Mikey and Dorulumon await their fate; Christopher fights Tactimon. Sat, March 22 2014
E25 Disaster in the Dust Zone! AxeKnightmon kidnaps Nene's little brother in an attempt to force Nene to follow his orders. Sun, March 16 2014
E24 Fierce General Tactimon Closes In The team allows itself to be captured in order to learn the location of the Digimon prisons. Sat, March 15 2014
E23 Train of Terror! The Fusion Fighters must work with the Digimon in the Dust Zone to get Mikey's fusion loader. Sun, March 09 2014
E22 Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Angie and Jeremy must perform the Dance of True Heart; entering the jungle's sacred zone. Sun, March 02 2014
E21 Crisis Resolved X4 Christopher offers to help Mikey's team in exchange for the digi-memory card. Sat, March 01 2014
E20 Welcome to the Jungle Zone! The team is separated into two groups when they fall into the Jungle Zone. Sun, February 23 2014
E19 The Digi-Memory Shines Mikey and Shoutmon enter the mouth of Whamon to find the Code Crown. Sat, February 22 2014
E18 Clash in the Clouds Mikey convinces Shoutmon to join Sparrowmon against their common enemy. Mon, February 17 2014
E17 A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone! Lucemon reveals his wicked nature shortly after being elected the new president of the Sky Zone. Mon, February 17 2014
E16 Island Zone in Chaos! Mikey and Team Fusion Heart look for the Island Zone's Code Crown. Sat, February 15 2014
E15 Trouble in Paradise Laylamon forces Mikey and his friends to go to the Sky Zone, where the police presence is strong. Sun, December 22 2013
E14 Showdown in the Sand Zone! Enemies surround Mikey's team, but when Pharaohmon arrives, the team manages to escape. Sun, December 15 2013
E13 Mikey, Warrior of Light! While exiting the ruins, Mikey's team is fired upon by Reapmon. Sun, December 08 2013
E12 Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My! Mikey's team searches for treasure in the Sand Zone; the team falls into an underground Bagra base. Sun, December 01 2013
E11 Ice to See You, Angie! When Angie starts hearing Beastmon in her sleep, she begins to fear for the future of the DigiWorld. Sun, November 24 2013
E10 The Rival Champions! Mikey saves Knightmon from a lake of ice; Knightmon takes Mikey to his castle. Sun, November 17 2013
E9 Dorulumon's True Colors! Christopher causes a distraction, giving Mikey's friends a chance to attempt a rescue. Sun, November 10 2013
E8 Meltdown in the Magma Zone! AncientVolcamon threatens to destroy one of the Magma Zone caves with the team inside. Tue, November 05 2013
E7 Danger Erupts Mikey's team arrives in the Magma Zone; SkullMeramon tries to capture Mikey and his team. Sun, November 03 2013
E6 Crisis or Conquest When Mikey's team is surrounded by Seadramons, Christopher appears and offers to help. Sun, October 27 2013
E5 Thanks for the Digicards Neptunemon discovers that the Code Crown is inside Whamon; Mikey and Shoutmon seek the crown. Sun, October 20 2013
E4 Island Zone in Chaos! Mikey and his friends transfer to the Island Zone in search of the Code Crown. Sun, October 13 2013
E3 A Rival Appears Drimogemon attacks the village; Mikey, Angie, Jeremy and the Digimon must work together to survive. Sat, September 28 2013
E2 He Is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar The Bagra Army attacks the village where Shoutmon lives; Shoutmon wants to be the king. Sat, September 14 2013
E1 Mikey Goes to Another World Mikey meets a kind Digimon who needs help to battle a Digimon of the evil Bagra Empire. Sat, September 07 2013