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E26 Where the Dinosaurs Are Dan has to get a T-Rex claw back from some dinosaurs before the museum opens in the morning. Tue, February 15 2011
E25 Down on the Farm; The Time Traveler's Dino Mom takes Dan to the farm, where he finds some downy feathers. Tue, February 08 2011
E24 Dino Strike; Nothing But the Tooth Uncle Jack takes Dan and Trek bowling. Sun, January 30 2011
E23 Mini Dino; The Three Little Paleontologists Dan goes mini golfing; making a dino-watching fort. Sun, January 23 2011
E22 Hard Hat, Long Neck; Roaring Good Time Dan builds a sand castle and learns that some dinosaurs were a lot like construction vehicles. Sun, January 16 2011
E21 Captain Cory; Dino Race Sat, November 13 2010
E20 Dino Watering Hole; Dino Dance Sat, November 06 2010
E19 Prehistoric Zoo; Ready? Set? Dino! Dan tests the speeds of two dinosaurs using bait during gym class. Sat, October 16 2010
E18 The Dino Did It; Air Dino Mon, October 11 2010
E17 To Catch a Dino; Cops & Dinos Dan tells a story of two cavemen and their quest to catch a baby T-rex. Mon, October 04 2010
E16 Moody Dino; Stop Motion Dino Dan comes across a Stegosaurus that changes colors. Sat, September 25 2010
E15 Dino Party; Training Wings Surprise birthday party for Dan; Dan teaches Trek to ride a bike. Mon, September 20 2010
E14 Dino Trackers; T-Rex Bedtime Dan and his little brother track a stegosaurus through the woods; Dan sees a tyrannosaurs rex. Mon, September 13 2010
E13 Twas a Dinosaur; To Flee or Not to Flee Dan puts a dinosaur spin on a holiday poem; Dan does dinosaur role-playing with his classmates. Fri, August 27 2010
E12 Fishing for Dinosaurs; Dino Doug Dan teaches Uncle Jack how to fish. Thu, August 26 2010
E11 Name-a-saurus; Where's Dino Dan learns how dinosaurs get their names; Dan tries to discover where a feather came from. Sat, June 19 2010
E10 Dino Trap; Big Bad Spinosaurus Dan defends his mother's garden with a dino-trap; Dan tells a dinosaur tale. Sat, June 12 2010
E9 Dino Dent; Active Imagination Dan tries to discover what put a large dent in the school bus; Dan learns about the T-Rex. Sat, May 15 2010
E8 Copy Dino; Lunch Bag Bandit Dan teaches a baby Triceratops how to protect itself from a Spinosaurus. Sun, April 18 2010
E7 A Pterosaur in the House; A Model Dino A Pterodactylus is trapped in Dan's house; Dan puts a camera into a Triceratops' nest. Sun, April 11 2010
E6 He Shoots, He Roars; A Winter Tail Jim the reptile expert helps Dan figure out which dinosaurs were warm-blooded. Mon, February 15 2010
E5 The Case of the Mystery Dino; Gasosaurus Mon, February 08 2010
E4 Tooth or Consequences; Dinosicles A visit to the dentist helps Dan learn that the shape of a dinosaur's teeth reveals what it eats. Mon, February 01 2010
E3 There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed; Art for Pterosaurs' Sake Dan thinks there's a compsognathus under his bed; Dan makes a kite in art class. Mon, January 25 2010
E2 The Chicken or the Dino; Bones in the Backyard Dan is convinced that the mystery egg in class is a dinosaur egg. Mon, May 25 2009
E1 Masked Confusion; Trouble Clef Dan needs Angie's help in art class; Dan discovers a way to communicate with two Corythosauruses. Thu, January 08 2009
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