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E20 Vinny (Jersey Shore) A vegetarian ends up at a hunting society house party; speed dating; Vinny look-alike. Fri, July 08 2011
E18 Paying the price for dating an underage girl; cocky ex-football star. Thu, July 07 2011
E19 A sketchy artist; glee club nerd; lame metal band singer. Thu, July 07 2011
E17 A fake Jewish heritage; migraine; a date is a slob with children. Fri, June 10 2011
E16 Jayson Blair Overly-opinionated guy; a girl thinks she is too fat; Jayson Blair sets up his friend. Thu, June 09 2011
E15 A total novice; the worst dancer ever; dating a "hottie" and a "nottie." Wed, June 08 2011
E14 An immature prankster; a millionaire propositions his date; a close encounter with a bear. Tue, June 07 2011
E13 A super-nerdy girl; a mother on blast; laundry help. Mon, June 06 2011
E12 Dating a cheater; controlled by parents; irresponsible wet nurse. Fri, June 03 2011
E11 A dumb cheerleader; a girl orders the entire menu; magician. Thu, June 02 2011
E10 An Amish guy does not know how to party; freaked out by fruit; double date with dummies. Tue, May 31 2011
E9 Snooki & JWoww Dramatic actor; Asian-obsessed; "Jersey Shore" disaster date. Thu, May 26 2011
E8 A vulgar jerk; a date is obsessed with texting; a double date from hell. Wed, May 25 2011
E7 A girl's first date; fashionista; party master. Tue, May 24 2011
E6 A date has adult film aspirations; go-go dancer; personal female problems. Mon, May 23 2011
E5 Amnesia; feeling like the third wheel; anger problems. Fri, May 20 2011
E4 Lauren is nervous about her blind date; Jonice is set up with an old-fashioned guy. Thu, May 19 2011
E3 Religious date; self-absorbed jerk; boisterous girl. Wed, May 18 2011
E2 A girl is too in to herself; broke loser; impatient jock. Tue, May 17 2011
E1 Pauly D & Deena Wizardess; ticket scam; "Jersey Shore" cast member, Deena meets a club promoter. Mon, May 16 2011
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