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E26 Appalling Apprentice Steve tries to build a deck to impress his future mother-in-law. Thu, May 19 2011
E25 Drop of Death A second-story decks needs repair. Thu, May 12 2011
E24 Slacker Siding A couple who wants to turn their cottage into a home. Thu, May 12 2011
E23 The Ugly Deck-ling Completing a disastrous deck. Thu, May 05 2011
E22 Bunkhouse Breakdown A tool shed is converted into a bubbly bunkie. Thu, May 05 2011
E21 Busted Brother Robyn's vacation comes to a halt. Thu, April 28 2011
E20 Junky Bunkie Sam converts a tool shed into private space. Thu, April 28 2011
E19 Bathroom Cop Out Bryan shows the safe way to fix DIY mistakes. Thu, April 21 2011
E18 Little Sister, Big Reno Maya needs to learn to love interior design. Thu, April 21 2011
E17 Off the Beaten Bath A perfectionist cannot finish projects. Thu, April 14 2011
E16 Hairy Scary Reno A hairdresser's wife wants a functioning kitchen. Thu, April 14 2011
E15 Battered Basement Bryan tries to save a family from a reno gone wrong. Thu, April 07 2011
E14 Arrested Renovation Renovating an over-shared bathroom and a basement family room. Thu, April 07 2011
E13 Boss of Bryan A woman's neglect of her backyard needs to be addressed. Thu, December 30 2010
E12 Kitchen Impossible Bryan tries to save a family from a renovation disaster and teach the DIY-er to fix their own mess. Thu, December 23 2010
E11 Donald's Dilemma Thu, December 16 2010
E10 The Imperfectionist Thu, December 09 2010
E9 Barely Backyard Thu, December 02 2010
E8 Engagement Under Construction Maria wants to borrow a professional contractor. Thu, November 25 2010
E7 Rocky Horror Reno Thu, November 18 2010
E6 Beginner Bathroom Baby Claire's dream master bathroom is becoming a nightmare. Thu, November 11 2010
E5 Clueless Kitchen Thu, November 04 2010
E4 Basement Battle Christine decided to renovate her entire basement and now her family is left with an unusable space. Thu, October 28 2010
E3 Lackluster Laundry A laundry room started three years ago. Thu, October 21 2010
E2 Basement Bedlam Grant needs help with his basement. Thu, October 14 2010
E1 Kitchen Crash Amanda attempts to redo her kitchen. Thu, October 07 2010
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