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E22 Luck o' the Irish Gary helps a poor Irish immigrant whom he accidentally kept from winning the lottery. Sat, May 27 2000
E21 Everybody Goes to Rick's Gary is in Chicago, circa 1929, to save a man from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Sat, May 20 2000
E20 Time Gary discovers that a former recipient of The Sun Times saved his life years earlier. Sat, May 13 2000
E19 Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter Gary must help an accountant who decides to become a bounty hunter. Sat, May 06 2000
E18 Occasionally Amber Chuck Fishman announces his engagement, but he doesn't know his fiancee is a confidence woman. Sat, April 29 2000
E17 Blind Faith Gary loses his sight while trying to protect teens from a massive explosion. Sat, April 22 2000
E16 The Play's the Thing Gary teams with detective Marion Crumb to save actors from a scam. Sat, April 08 2000
E15 False Witness Gary's attempt to keep a friend out of trouble leads to a life-threatening situation. Sat, March 25 2000
E14 Performance Anxiety When another recipient of tomorrow's news stops receiving the paper, he steals Gary's. Sat, March 11 2000
E13 Gifted Gary persuades a clairvoyant girl that she has a gift, not a curse. Sat, March 04 2000
E12 Snow Angels Gary must choose between saving two lives during a catastrophic snow storm. Sat, February 26 2000
E11 Rose Detective Crumb assists Gary in saving an amnesiac from a deadly accident. Sat, February 19 2000
E10 Run, Gary, Run Gary relives the same day three times, getting chances to save Marissa's life. Sat, December 18 1999
E9 Weathergirl Gary gives the local weathergirl accurate forecasts to win her over. Sat, November 20 1999
E8 Fatal Edition Brigatti disappears before she can clear Gary of murder charges. Sat, November 13 1999
E7 Fatal Edition Gary becomes a fugitive when he is the lead suspect in a high-profile murder. Sat, November 06 1999
E6 Wild Card Gary's plans for an easy day are foiled when Patrick keeps interfering with tomorrow's news. Sat, October 30 1999
E5 Camera Shy Miguel Diaz (Luis Antonio Ramos) photographs a vicious criminal thought to be dead. Sat, October 23 1999
E4 The Iceman Taketh Gary and Detective Toni Brigatti impersonate newlyweds hoping to catch a jewel thief. Sat, October 16 1999
E3 Take Me Out to the Ballgame Gary's friend inadvertently meddles with a history-making baseball game. Sat, October 09 1999
E2 Duck Day Afternoon Gary's parents move in with him after a tornado destroys their town. Sat, October 02 1999
E1 The Out-of-Towner Gary meets a man who has been getting a copy of the next day's New York Daily News for six years. Sat, September 25 1999
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