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E28 Captain A dog has breathing issues; an older dog has problems walking. Fri, March 23 2012
E20 No information found. Fri, August 16 2013
E18 No information found. Thu, August 15 2013
E17 No information found. Thu, August 15 2013
E14 No information found. Tue, August 13 2013
E13 No information found. Tue, August 13 2013
E11 La Bataille A cat with a heart problem; a puppy with too many baby teeth; a cat injured in a fall. Fri, February 24 2012
E10 All Clear A poodle with a hernia; a collie with overgrown gums; a dog with heart disease. Fri, February 17 2012
E9 Best of Friends A poodle with gum disease; a dog needs eye surgery. Fri, November 11 2011
E8 Split Decision A cat involved in a car accident; a dog with a head shake; a dog has trouble walking. Fri, November 04 2011
E7 Details An alligator won't open it's mouth; a dog injured her knee. Fri, October 28 2011
E6 Quirk A cat that only walks to it's left side. Fri, October 21 2011
E5 Full of Heart Sydra, a dog with fainting issues; Anchor, a dog who can't walk. Fri, October 14 2011
E4 Winning Time 24 year old cat with kidney issues; a dog with a stomach issue. Fri, October 07 2011
E3 Shaking A dog with tooth issues; a dog who can't sit still; a cat needs a new hip. Fri, September 30 2011
E2 Checks and Balances Surgery on a small dog's leg; a cat with an ear problem;check up for a seeing eye dog. Fri, September 23 2011
E1 Under Pressure A police dog is injured; Dr Williams plans a surprise party for Rusty. Fri, September 23 2011
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