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E6 The Final Push Loggers retrieve lumber from some of the most dangerous terrain known to man. Tue, December 03 2013
E5 Night Shift The Garden River team is having a great season but the Reno site is plagued with problems. Mon, December 02 2013
E4 Below Zero It's minus 30 in Alberta, where the crew is racing to haul valuable timber across an ice bridge. Wed, July 15 2009
E3 Helicopter Logging The loggers must use a helicopter to haul out the timber. Tue, November 25 2008
E2 Mule Logging Mules are brought in when the big logging equipment just won't cut it. Tue, November 18 2008
E1 Swamp Logging Veteran logger Bobby Goodson is called in to tackle the swamp. Tue, November 11 2008
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