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E26 Holly JB asks Kayla and Jett for love advice; Democles takes over M.O.M. headquarters. Fri, June 22 2001
E25 The Game Jeff beats Wood at a game of basketball; Wood turns 40. Sun, June 17 2001
E24 Hotline Kayla and JB man a school-sponsored teen helpline. Fri, June 01 2001
E23 Awakenings Silverstone tracks down Cain in an attempt to get the antidote which will save Artemus' life. Fri, May 25 2001
E22 Awakenings Artemus is hit with a poisonous dart while on a mission with Silverstone. Fri, May 18 2001
E21 M.O.M. Jett and his mom, Jules, discover a new way of relating to each other. Fri, May 11 2001
E20 Battle of Wilsted Booker incites the town's pride at the annual competition. Fri, March 16 2001
E19 Food for Thought Riley discovers that her sister is bulimic. Fri, March 02 2001
E18 Lost and Found Jett gets lost in the city but, with the help of an unlikely friend, finds his way home. Fri, February 02 2001
E17 The Perfect Day Jett relives a miserable day over and over again until he gets it right. Fri, December 29 2000
E16 Backstage Pass Jet falls for a lead singer. Fri, December 08 2000
E15 Vote of Confidence When JB withdraws from the race for student body president, Kayla decides to run in his place. Sat, November 04 2000
E14 Survival of the Fittest While on a camping trip, Cubby forgets to set his parking brake and his car goes over a cliff. Sat, October 21 2000
E13 Truth JB feels guilty when he is mistakenly lionized for rescuing a woman from a burning house. Sat, September 30 2000
E12 Beauregard's Beach Bash Jett faces Beauregard in a dune-buggy race. Sat, September 23 2000
E11 Wheels Cubby is a driver-education instructor. Sat, September 16 2000
E10 Detention Kayla's e-mail leads to detention. Sat, September 09 2000
E9 Heroes Wood is forced to discharge his weapon, while Jett balks at the use of guns on the Silverstone set. Sat, August 19 2000
E8 Extra Credit Cubby returns to high school; Silverstone must foil an assassination attempt on the U.S. president. Sat, August 12 2000
E7 Pledge of Allegiance Silverstone battles rebel teens who threaten to blow up cities. Sat, August 05 2000
E6 Age Old Story Miz Coretta applies for a job at the local clinic. Sat, July 22 2000
E5 Great Expectations Jett thinks his parents are reconciling. Sat, July 15 2000
E4 Hello, Goodbye Booker is offered a job in Raleigh. Sat, July 08 2000
E3 Business as Usual JB's family store competes with a nearby mall; Jett and Kayla supervise a raucous group of children. Sat, July 01 2000
E2 Something in the Air A new girl arrives at school. Sat, June 24 2000
E1 Step Up Jett joins the debate team to impress a girl. Sat, June 17 2000
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