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E13 Heroes Retired action heroes visit the island; an unsympathetic husband becomes pregnant. Sat, January 23 1999
E12 The Real Thing A journalist arrives intending to reveal the phenomena of the island. Sat, January 16 1999
E11 Innocent A criminal defense lawyer wants to have an innocent client; Cal meets a boy just like himself. Sat, January 09 1999
E10 Let Go Man's fantasy to find out who stole his car reveals his wife as the thief. Sat, December 26 1998
E9 Wishboned A woman wants her family to be perfect when she brings her fiance home for the holidays. Sat, December 19 1998
E8 Handymen An obsessive-compulsive man gets his fantasy mixed up with a woman's. Sat, December 12 1998
E7 Dreams A man falls for a woman who is really a dolphin; a nerdy teen wants to be cool. Sat, November 07 1998
E6 Estrogen A woman wants to die a hero in battle; a man becomes a woman; Fisher tries to get Roarke fired. Sat, October 31 1998
E5 Secret Self Housewife dreams of being a talk show host; nice guy wants to be callous. Sat, October 24 1998
E4 Dying to Dance A man lives in a haunted house; a wife becomes the belle of the ball. Sat, October 17 1998
E3 We're Not Worthy A woman wanting to be the most beautiful in the world acquires perspective from a deformed man. Sat, October 10 1998
E2 Superfriends A woman in love with her best friend wants to meet him for the first time. Sat, October 03 1998
E1 Pilot Mr. Roarke and his staff fulfill the dreams and fears of guests at their island resort. Sat, September 26 1998
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