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E77 A New Foundation Gloria has the chance to do right by Michelle; Luke's dreams come true. Tue, December 05 2006
E76 Falling Apart at the Seams Sofia and William give Tania a small token of their appreciation. Mon, December 04 2006
E75 In Loving Memory Luke must confront the hypocrisy in his life. Fri, December 01 2006
E74 Too Little Too Late Luke tries to solve a mystery; Lance and Michelle may have the answer Luke needs. Thu, November 30 2006
E73 Maria's Final Bow Tragedy strikes at the Gianni fashion show. Wed, November 29 2006
E72 Down to the Wire Part Dos Sophia takes advantage of Tania's weaknesses. Tue, November 28 2006
E71 The Betrayal Michael reveals a secret; Maria's conniving leads to a violent encounter. Mon, November 27 2006
E70 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, November 25 2006
E69 Fashion House Highlights Global series recap. Fri, November 24 2006
E68 After the Fall Lexi finds a new investor; Luke pays William a visit. Wed, November 22 2006
E67 Safe Haven Luke confronts Maria; Nikki runs into danger. Tue, November 21 2006
E66 Nothing Ventured ... Nothing Capital Gained Financial problems ensue as Congressman Spangler's past comes back to haunt him. Mon, November 20 2006
E65 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, November 18 2006
E64 Mother I'd Like to Forget Michelle and Lexi get to work on Plan B; Luke finds a surprise at home. Fri, November 17 2006
E63 Out of the Woods William finds himself in an unsettling situation; Maria and Sophia's hatred reaches a boiling point. Thu, November 16 2006
E62 Miller's Crossing Lance gives Officer Conti an ultimatum; Luke brings an unexpected guest to Michelle's fashion show. Wed, November 15 2006
E61 Maria's Story: Entrapment William and Sophia get a surprise; Maria uses Dr. Woods' lack of ethics to her advantage. Tue, November 14 2006
E60 Down to the Wire Michelle struggles to rekindle a romance; Lance and Eddie's partnership is tested. Mon, November 13 2006
E59 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, November 11 2006
E58 Sabotage Michelle confronts Lance; Maria discovers interesting things about Dr. Woods. Fri, November 10 2006
E57 Truth and Consequences Maria makes a startling confession; Michelle uncovers Lance's truth. Thu, November 09 2006
E56 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word Nikki confronts William; Michelle and Luke face difficult decisions. Wed, November 08 2006
E55 Dark Days Down Maria realizes that good fortune is a double-edged sword. Tue, November 07 2006
E54 Second Chances Sophia and William take their plot to the next level; Tania's drinking causes problems. Mon, November 06 2006
E53 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, November 04 2006
E52 The Heart Attack Some lives are on the line; deceit causes turmoil for others. Fri, November 03 2006
E51 After the Assassin Maria attempts to keep Michelle and Luke apart. Thu, November 02 2006
E50 The Shot Heard Round the ... Nikki makes a startling confession; Gloria's attempt to protect Michelle backfires. Tue, October 31 2006
E49 Michelle & Luke's Story: Artistic Differences A painting causes tension between Michelle and Luke. Mon, October 30 2006
E48 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, October 28 2006
E47 Gaggle at the Gallery Michelle and Maria are furious at Luke; Gloria reflects on decisions. Fri, October 27 2006
E46 Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell and Beats Down the Door Tension builds between Maria and William; Nikki gets a surprise visit. Thu, October 26 2006
E45 Recap of the series. Wed, October 25 2006
E44 Woman on the Verge Maria is disappointed with Tania; William and Sophia embark on a new endeavor. Tue, October 24 2006
E43 Nursing the Wound Nikki and Tania's hatred is unleashed; Lance stirs up trouble for Michelle. Mon, October 23 2006
E42 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. Sat, October 21 2006
E41 Irreconcilable Differences Maria reveals her plan to help Lance get his wife back; William's advice backfires on Michelle. Fri, October 20 2006
E40 Coup de Grace Michelle confronts Maria; Tania makes a bad decision. Thu, October 19 2006
E39 Building Blocks Lance and Maria strike a deal; Nikki experiences difficult times. Wed, October 18 2006
E38 The Blow Up Michelle makes a surprising announcement. Tue, October 17 2006
E37 Tania and Sophia's Story Michelle interrupts an important meeting; Sophia and Tania become friends. Mon, October 16 2006
E36 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's story line. Sat, October 14 2006
E35 Enough Is Enough Luke confronts his mother; William makes Nikki an enticing offer; Lance confesses his love. Fri, October 13 2006
E34 Stirring the Pot Maria stirs up trouble; Luke learns of his mother's true colors. Thu, October 12 2006
E33 Revelations Luke refuses to believe the truth about his mother; Michelle and Lexi devise a plan to seek revenge. Wed, October 11 2006
E32 All in the Family Sophia declares revenge; Lance and Rodney invest in a new endeavor. Tue, October 10 2006
E30 Wedding Blues Maria and Sophia face off; Luke's anger toward William grows. Mon, October 09 2006
E31 The Ties That Bind Luke confronts Maria; Sophia reveals the truth about her past. Mon, October 09 2006
E29 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's story line. Sat, October 07 2006
E28 Recap of the series. Fri, October 06 2006
E27 Do You Take This Woman Maria's wedding plans do not go as expected; Nikki gives Tania a surprise. Thu, October 05 2006
E26 Rehearsal Luke tells Maria the truth about Michelle; William corners Luke; the mystery woman is revealed. Wed, October 04 2006
E25 Bridezilla Maria shows no remorse for her actions; Tania experiences rough times; Gloria exposes her plans. Tue, October 03 2006
E24 (There's Got to Be) A Morning After Michelle confronts Lexi; William plots a devious plan; Luke is seduced. Mon, October 02 2006
E23 Weekly recap. Sat, September 30 2006
E22 William's Story Maria becomes suspicious of the mysterious woman; others discover a key part of William's life. Fri, September 29 2006
E21 Nikki confronts Michael; Maria tries to ruin John and Michelle's plans. Thu, September 28 2006
E20 Global recap. Wed, September 27 2006
E19 Maternal Instincts Michelle accepts a challenge; Lance learns the truth about Gloria. Tue, September 26 2006
E18 Political Posturing Councilman Spangler uses his influence to get his way; William has his own methods of negotiation. Mon, September 25 2006
E17 Fashion House Highlights Weekly recap. Sat, September 23 2006
E16 Multiple Offers Maria makes use of her powers of manipulation to turn the tides on Michelle's career. Fri, September 22 2006
E15 Portrait of a Lady Michelle's work falls into someone else's hands. Thu, September 21 2006
E14 A New Face Michelle and Luke face a dangerous situation; Maria makes an important announcement. Wed, September 20 2006
E13 Secrets and Gifts Lance drinks; planning a wedding. Tue, September 19 2006
E12 Let It Ride Maria makes a big decision; others discover Gloria's secret. Mon, September 18 2006
E11 A recap of the week's story line. Sat, September 16 2006
E10 Maria, Luke and Michelle face difficult sacrifices. Fri, September 15 2006
E9 Maria, Luke and Michael face surprises in their love affairs. Thu, September 14 2006
E8 William and Michael learn that attaining one's desire does not necessarily make life simple. Wed, September 13 2006
E7 Payola Old flames dog Luke and Michelle; William adds a few twists to his seduction of Maria. Tue, September 12 2006
E6 Michelle agrees to be the subject of Luke's next painting; Maria's affair with William takes a turn. Mon, September 11 2006
E5 A recap of the week's story line. Sat, September 09 2006
E4 Luke's pursuit of Michelle starts to complicate his life. Fri, September 08 2006
E3 Michelle, reeling from the terms of her divorce, bonds with Luke. Thu, September 07 2006
E2 Maria tries to stop her son from dating Michelle. Wed, September 06 2006
E1 Maria Gianni makes a secret deal with the mysterious William Chandler. Tue, September 05 2006
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