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E10 The Last Frontier The wonders and riches of the polar regions have drawn people for thousands of years. Fri, November 30 2012
E9 Autumn Autumn in Antarctica brings upheavel as the ocean freezes and advances 2.5 miles per day. Fri, November 16 2012
E8 On Thin Ice Naturalist David Attenborough offers a view of what rising temperatures will mean for the poles. Sun, April 22 2012
E7 Life in the Freezer Walrus and seabird egg hunting in Siberia; scientists study the world's southernmost active volcano. Sun, April 15 2012
E5 Winter Polar winter brings the greatest test of survival; polar bear cubs; wolverines; brinicles. Sun, April 01 2012
E4 Summer In polar summer, the sun never sets; polar bear cubs' swimming lessons; beluga whales. Sun, March 25 2012
E2 Spring Polar spring brings huge changes; Adelie penguins steal to build nests; elephant seals seek mates. Sun, March 18 2012
E1 To the Ends of the Earth The polar regions are ice worlds inhabited by some of the most bizarre and hardy creatures on earth. Sun, March 18 2012
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