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E26 I Am Curiously Yellow Agent Maxwell Smart falls prey to a KAOS plot to hypnotize CONTROL agents. Fri, May 15 1970
E25 Do I Hear a Vaults? Agent Maxwell Smart locks the Chief and Larrabee inside of a vault. Fri, May 08 1970
E24 Hello Columbus, Goodbye America Max is astonished to learn that the United States belongs to the direct descendant of Columbus. Fri, May 01 1970
E23 What's It All About, Algie? Max gets a job at a nursery where one CONTROL agent has already mysteriously disappeared. Fri, April 24 1970
E22 Smartacus Max and the Chief try to find out how KAOS is gathering secret information. Fri, February 27 1970
E21 And Only Two Ninety-Nine Agent 99 is kidnapped and replaced with an exact duplicate by KAOS; the Chief wants to know why. Fri, February 20 1970
E20 How Green Was My Valet Max is assigned to retrieve a bottle of a new type of liquid rocket fuel. Fri, February 13 1970
E19 Witness for the Execution Max is assigned to protect a KAOS agent who is defecting to CONTROL. Fri, February 06 1970
E18 The Mess of Adrian Listenger Max and the Chief each suspect the other of murdering seven CONTROL agents. Fri, January 30 1970
E17 Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm When Smart accidentally jettisons a secret package from a plane, he has to retrieve it. Fri, January 23 1970
E16 House of Max A scientist has created a serum to bring wax figures to life, and he starts with Jack the Ripper. Fri, January 16 1970
E15 House of Max While in London, Max and 99 try to find out who is recreating "Jack the Ripper" type murders. Fri, January 09 1970
E14 Moonlighting Becomes You Agent 99 infiltrates a radio program to learn the identity of a KAOS agent. Fri, January 02 1970
E13 Ice Station Siegfried Agent 99 and CIA agent Quigley must save the world from a mad scientist who is freezing it. Fri, December 19 1969
E12 Is This Trip Necessary? A KAOS mad scientist develops a new hallucinogenic drug and demands $50,000. Fri, December 12 1969
E11 Age Before Duty KAOS invents a new instant aging process and 15 CONTROL agents die of old age. Fri, December 05 1969
E10 The Apes of Wrath A banana through the mail spells death for the CONTROL agent who receives it. Fri, November 28 1969
E9 Physician Impossible Max is mistaken for a doctor by KAOS agents who need a doctor to remove a bullet. Fri, November 21 1969
E8 And Baby Makes Four Max takes 99 to KAOS headquarters by mistake when she starts labor pains. Fri, November 14 1969
E7 And Baby Makes Four Max prepares for the arrival of his first-born amidst the chaos of a plan to thwart KAOS. Fri, November 07 1969
E6 Smart Fell on Alabama Max must switch a code-key document for a fake without KAOS catching on. Fri, October 31 1969
E5 The Treasure of C. Errol Madre Smart seeks a lost gold mine; KAOS robs CONTROL and has financial problems. Fri, October 24 1969
E4 Widow Often Annie Max romances a KAOS agent, all in the line of duty, of course. Fri, October 17 1969
E3 Valerie of the Dolls Max intercepts part of a formula for a deadly explosive KAOS is creating. Fri, October 10 1969
E2 Ironhand Smart must go to Washington to get secret plans when his contact is killed. Fri, October 03 1969
E1 Pheasant Under Glass Max and 99 must rescue Professor Milo Pheasant, who is being held captive by KAOS agents. Fri, September 26 1969
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