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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E24 Revenge of the Boys Number 5 Fri, July 29 2005
E23 Revenge of the Boys Number 4 Thu, July 28 2005
E22 Revenge of the Boys Number 3 Wed, July 27 2005
E21 Revenge of the Boys Number 2 Tue, July 26 2005
E20 Revenge of the Boys Number 1 Mon, July 25 2005
E19 Dog park picnic; annoying voice prompts; food stealing to avoid eating in front of a date. Thu, May 05 2005
E18 Chelsea steals bridal gowns; a hands-off massage therapist. Sat, March 26 2005
E17 Shopping for husbands; work-space invasion; accident at a grocery store. Tue, March 08 2005
E16 Men caught kissing a poster; Shonderella tries to sell Mark's car. Mon, November 08 2004
E15 A medical patient needs to be quarantined. Thu, July 21 2005
E14 Kira decides to lay claim to every man in the bar; bride throws a fit; personal assistant. Tue, February 22 2005
E13 Crosswalks; potty-training pets; citations. Tue, February 15 2005
E12 Ally tries to convince shoppers to buy more food; grocery bagging techniques. Tue, February 08 2005
E11 Citations for suspicious behavior; scratching Kira's itch. Tue, December 28 2004
E10 Kira pretends to be pregnant; searching for buried treasure; flirting while interviewing for a job. Tue, December 21 2004
E9 Customers get the third degree; regulated wine tasting; mistaken identity. Thu, November 11 2004
E8 Prenuptial agreement; criticizing a swimming instructor. Wed, November 10 2004
E7 Kira picks up a man; citations for bad fashion sense; Chelsea confuses shoppers. Tue, November 09 2004
E6 A series of pranks. Sat, July 24 2004
E5 Shopping at local mall; Mary wants more from limo drivers. Sat, July 24 2004
E4 Pre-date lawyer; Chelsea snubs clothing. Sat, July 24 2004
E3 Bling-bling baby shower; thorny situation; temps fire trainer. Sat, July 24 2004
E2 Kira interviews Ali; cosmetic surgery; sofa thrill ride. Sat, July 24 2004
E1 Managing a dressing room; grocery shopping to the extreme; Chelsea goes old school. Sat, July 24 2004
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