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E24 The Last Picture Show Maggie makes her decision about the offer to work as a media relations director for a U.S. senator. Sat, April 25 1992
E23 The Last Picture Show Maggie receives an offer to work in Washington, D.C., as a media relations director for a senator. Sat, April 25 1992
E22 The Wrath of Con Ed During a power failure, Mike is forced to join Carol and her boyfriend for dinner. Sat, April 11 1992
E21 Maggie's Brilliant Career Maggie (Joanna Kerns) decides to pursue her dream of climbing a mountain. Sat, April 04 1992
E20 The Truck Stops Here Luke has a difficult choice to make when his ailing father arrives on the Seavers' doorstep. Sat, March 21 1992
E19 Don't Go Changin' Mike worries that his fun-loving friend Eddie may be a bad influence on Luke. Sat, February 29 1992
E18 The Five Fingers of Ben Tired of being bullied at school, Ben (Jeremy Miller) joins a karate class. Sat, February 22 1992
E17 Menage a Luke A misunderstanding separates Ben and Luke when they both fall for the same girl. Sat, February 08 1992
E16 Vicious Cycle Maggie and Jason put Mike on the spot for Luke's curfew problems. Sat, February 01 1992
E15 Honest Abe A visiting homeless friend makes Luke's 16th birthday party an occasion to remember. Fri, January 17 1992
E14 The Call of the Wild A lack of money stands in the way of a skiing trip with Kate until Mike comes up with a scheme. Sat, January 04 1992
E13 It's Not Easy Being Green Kate accepts a swimsuit modeling assignment in Jamaica; Carol thinks Dwight is dating another woman. Sat, December 21 1991
E12 B Equals MC2 Ben prepares for a college entrance exam, but gets no support from Jason. Sat, November 30 1991
E11 Bad Dad Cafe Luke's irresponsible father arrives to take custody of his son, unless Mike comes up with a plan. Sat, November 23 1991
E10 Home Malone The ghost of Maggie's father (Gordon Jump) oversees the Seavers' visit to her childhood home. Thu, November 14 1991
E9 The Big Fix Consumer reporter Maggie raps a vacuum cleaner that Ben broke. Sat, November 09 1991
E8 There Must Be a Pony Jason uses psychology to get Chrissy to go to bed; Luke achieves instant popularity in high school. Sat, November 02 1991
E7 The Kid's Still Got It Maggie and Carol visit a health club; Mike and Jason find out that Chrissy has lice. Sat, October 26 1991
E6 Jason Sings the Blues Surgery patient Jason behaves strangely at a psychiatric banquet. Sat, October 19 1991
E5 The Young and the Homeless Luke's decision to leave makes Mike jeopardize his soap-opera role. Sat, October 12 1991
E4 Paper Tigers Jason and Maggie compete to write a newspaper column; Ben hates his glasses. Sat, October 05 1991
E3 In Vino Veritas Maggie and Jason suspect Luke is stealing from their wine collection. Sat, September 28 1991
E2 Stop, Luke, and Listen Mike gets involved when he learns his prize pupil is homeless. Wed, September 25 1991
E1 Back to School Mike begins teaching a remedial class at an inner-city community center. Wed, September 18 1991
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