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E18 Reckoning Olshansky thinks a former enemy is trying to frame him for revenge. Sat, March 13 2004
E17 One for My Baby Olshansky agrees to help find a missing man who has a brain tumor. Sat, March 06 2004
E16 Misty Blue Olshansky searches for a stripper who left her cell phone in his cab. Sat, February 28 2004
E15 Extreme Commerce Olshansky helps a mother track down her illegally adopted child. Sat, February 14 2004
E14 Fog of War Olshansky learns of his cousin's post-war trauma while trying to talk him out of committing suicide. Sat, February 07 2004
E13 Double Exposure Jamie and his buddy are beaten in what appears to be a gay-bashing incident. Sat, January 24 2004
E12 Calibrated Arguments Olshansky is slapped with a wrongful death suit after accidentally killing a mugger. Sat, January 17 2004
E11 Gone A mobster kidnaps Mike Jr. and threatens to kill him unless Olshansky comes through on a deal. Sat, December 20 2003
E10 Dial O for Murder Marcellus finds Olshansky's phone number written on a murder victim's palm. Sat, December 13 2003
E9 To Have and Have Not Jamie enlists Mike to help save an old friend who has become a prostitute. Sat, November 22 2003
E8 Blind Faith Olshansky and Marcellus aid a woman on the run from a corrupt small-town police officer. Sat, November 15 2003
E7 Looking Glass Jamie is faced with his father's affair, which takes a deadly turn when the mistress is found dead. Sat, November 08 2003
E6 My Fare Lady Olshansky becomes smitten with an amnesiac who is being hunted down by a professional assassin. Sat, November 01 2003
E5 Out of the Ashes Olshansky unwittingly inspires a woman to hunt down and kill one of her attackers. Sat, October 25 2003
E4 Collateral Damage Olshansky must determine who wants Marcellus dead after his friend narrowly escapes two hits. Sat, October 18 2003
E3 Presumed Guilty Olshansky assists a man whose life is ruined even after he is acquitted of murder. Sat, October 11 2003
E2 Hidden Agenda Olshansky and Marcellus try to help a young black man who has been erroneously arrested by the FBI. Sat, October 04 2003
E1 See No Evil Olshansky attempts to protect a man from corrupt DEA agents who want him dead. Sat, September 27 2003
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