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E21 The Big Hide & Sneak Episode Dee tries to counsel Brett about staff relations at the office. Mon, May 15 2006
E22 The Big Who You Gonna Call Episode Mona decides to take charge of her life and dates both Chase and Lorenzo. Mon, May 15 2006
E20 The Big Mother's What?! Episode After she breaks up with Chase, Mona's emotions get out of hand. Mon, May 01 2006
E19 The Big Nervous Breakup Episode Following a brief encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Mona has provocative thoughts about other men. Mon, April 24 2006
E18 The Big `What Have We Done' Episode Dee Dee tries to butter up Brent by inviting him to dinner, but things do not go as planned. Mon, April 17 2006
E17 The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode Mona's old boyfriend asks her to help him get a job with her current guy. Mon, March 27 2006
E16 The Big Reality Bites Episode Dee Dee's new actor boyfriend asks her to join him when he is set to star in a new reality show. Mon, February 27 2006
E15 The Big Take Me as I Am Episode Spencer's new girlfriend (Michelle Williams) continues to resist his advances. Mon, February 20 2006
E14 The Big My Funny Valentine Episode Spencer's budding relationship with a rival record executive causes conflict with Mona. Mon, February 13 2006
E13 The Big Diva Down Episode Mona and Spencer disagree over how to handle their newest star act. Mon, February 06 2006
E12 The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode Dee Dee struggles when she realizes that everyone else has a partner. Mon, January 16 2006
E11 The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode Big Dee Dee decides to boost her spirits by throwing herself a big holiday legends ball. Mon, December 12 2005
E10 The Big Sexism in the City Episode Charles and Spencer intervene when Dee Dee protests a co-worker's misogynist questioning. Mon, November 28 2005
E9 The Big Days of Wine and Neuroses Episode Dee Dee has ulterior motives when she invites Mona to a weekend at the spa. Mon, November 21 2005
E8 The Big How to Do & Undo Episode Wanting to avoid the task himself, Spencer asks Dee Dee to break up with his girlfriend for him. Mon, November 14 2005
E7 The Big State of the Reunion After Dee Dee hassles her Mona agrees to attend her 10-year reunion. Mon, November 07 2005
E6 The Big Off Pitch Episode Dee Dee's first client decides to give up baseball for a musical career. Mon, October 24 2005
E5 The Big Young & the Restless Episode Phyllis tries to set Mona up with handsome firefighter Glen, but he winds up falling for Phyllis. Mon, October 17 2005
E4 The Big Training Day Episode Dee Dee must resolve her differences with a competitive co-worker to win a new client. Mon, October 10 2005
E3 The Big Frozen Assets Episode Dee Dee's life changes direction when she gets an unexpected career opportunity. Mon, October 03 2005
E2 The Big Dollars & Sense Episode Phyllis teaches dismayed Big Dee Dee how to live on a budget. Mon, September 26 2005
E1 The Big Gen-Why Me? Episode Mona's insecurities threaten her budding relationship with her new tenant, Lorenzo. Mon, September 19 2005
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