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E22 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch A con artist uses Jonathan and Jennifer look-alikes to pull off a scheme. Thu, March 22 1984
E21 Always, Elizabeth To impress his pen pal, Max pretends to lead a luxurious life. Thu, March 15 1984
E20 Larsen's Last Jump Videotapes of the Harts' skiing trip show a man tampering with a champion skier's bindings. Tue, March 13 1984
E19 Slam Dunk The Harts try to clear Max's nephew of drug-possession charges. Tue, March 06 1984
E18 The Shooting Jennifer's part in a commercial could be her swan song unless Jonathan can stop a deranged man. Tue, February 28 1984
E17 Death Dig While on the island of Rhodes, the Harts clash with two criminals smuggling ancient Greek artifacts. Tue, February 21 1984
E16 Silent Dance A skater (Tai Babilonia) inadvertently witnesses a plan to kill a senator. Tue, January 31 1984
E15 The Dog Who Knew Too Much A biochemist is sought by chemical-company employees who want his formula. Tue, January 24 1984
E14 Max's Waltz Max casts a suspicious eye when his wealthy girlfriend starts dating a so-called investor. Tue, January 17 1984
E13 Whispers in the Wings Jennifer becomes the target of a disillusioned man obsessed with her resemblance to a late actress. Tue, January 10 1984
E12 Harts on the Run Jennifer disguises herself as a nun to escape a killer's henchmen. Tue, January 03 1984
E11 Trust Your Hart After seven-year coma, frightened girl flashes back to her parents' murders. Tue, December 20 1983
E10 Year of the Dog When the Harts travel to Macao to retrieve a stolen jade carving, they put their lives in jeopardy. Tue, December 13 1983
E9 Highland Fling At the Scottish Highland Games, the man Jennifer rivals for clan leadership plans to murder her. Tue, November 29 1983
E8 Long Lost Love Jennifer's father believes that a beautiful woman is Jennifer's sister, but Jonathan is not so sure. Tue, November 22 1983
E7 Passing Chance A tycoon plans to control Hart Industries by eliminating the couple during an auto rally in Greece. Tue, November 15 1983
E6 Love Game A tennis pro uses romance to collect business secrets for a stockbroker. Tue, November 08 1983
E5 Harts and Hounds The Harts' probe of a philandering British husband leaves them playing the "fox" in a deadly hunt. Tue, November 01 1983
E4 Pandora Has Wings Jonathan serves as radio operator on a top-secret flight rigged to explode. Tue, October 25 1983
E3 Hostage Harts Jennifer mediates between the police and jewel thieves when Jonathan is taken hostage. Tue, October 18 1983
E2 Straight Through the Hart A polo championship involves the Harts in a plot to smuggle a $1 million jewel. Tue, October 04 1983
E1 Two Harts Are Better Than One Jonathan and Jennifer recall the danger that surrounded their first meeting. Tue, September 27 1983
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