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E29 A Question of Ethics Hazel bad-mouths another real estate agent in favor of Steve. Mon, April 11 1966
E28 A Little Bit of Genius Harold's friend, Jeff Williams, transfers to a brighter class. Mon, April 04 1966
E27 The Perfect Boss Hazel pens an essay for a newspaper on her boss's perfection. Mon, March 28 1966
E26 Bee in Her Bonnet Steve risks losing a client to aid an injured motorist. Mon, March 21 1966
E25 Hazel's Free Enterprise Hazel and Barbara scheme to earn money to buy a pool table for Steve. Mon, March 14 1966
E24 Who Can Afford a Bargain? Fred Williams' house buy jeopardizes his son's education. Mon, March 07 1966
E23 But Is It Art? After Hazel decides that she needs new drapes, Barbara decides to have the whole room painted. Mon, February 28 1966
E22 Please Don't Shout Hazel gets Steve to help a friend by having Steve sell his house. Mon, February 21 1966
E21 My Son, the Sheepdog Harold joins a rock 'n' roll band to compete in a TV talent contest. Mon, February 14 1966
E20 How to Find Work Without Really Trying Hazel brings new meaning to a man's life when she inspires confidence in him. Mon, February 07 1966
E19 Harold's Gift Horses A spinster and a bachelor try to buy Harold's affection. Mon, January 31 1966
E18 Boom or Bust! Steve fears he'll fall into debt when a loan proves too easy. Mon, January 24 1966
E17 285 Dollars by Saturday Hazel aims to buy an organ for children of a missionary school. Mon, January 17 1966
E16 Once an Actor Barbara's elderly uncle, an actor, comes to stay for a month. Mon, January 10 1966
E15 A Car Named Chrysanthemum Hazel buys a wreck, paints it green and sells it to a nurseryman. Mon, January 03 1966
E14 Hazel's Endearing Young Charms Hazel's false praise of Steve drives him to let her go. Mon, December 27 1965
E13 Noblesse Oblige A tycoon talks his wife into sponsoring a historical pageant. Mon, December 13 1965
E12 Kindly Advise Deirdre, Steve's sister, insists that Susie be sent to an elocution school. Mon, December 06 1965
E11 The Crush Steve is annoyed by the attention his youthful secretary is showing him. Mon, November 29 1965
E10 A Bull's Eye for Cupid Steve forgets his wedding anniversary and makes plans to fish. Mon, November 22 1965
E9 A `Lot' to Remember Hazel buys a piece of land then finds it is nearly worthless. Tue, November 16 1965
E8 Hazel Sits It Out Hazel shows a house for Steve so he may attend a picnic. Mon, November 08 1965
E7 Hazel Needs a Car Hazel sells guppies for $100, her payment down on a car. Mon, November 01 1965
E6 A-Haunting We Will Go A family forces its neighbor to give up many of his dogs. Mon, October 25 1965
E5 The Hold Out Hazel is hurt when she feels she has been used to swindle a friend. Mon, October 18 1965
E4 Do Not Disturb Occupants Steve doesn't know how much he likes his house until it's sold. Mon, October 11 1965
E3 How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Minutes After much needling from Bill Fox, Hazel decides to lose some weight. Mon, September 27 1965
E2 Hazel's Second Week Hazel and the mistress of the house misunderstand one another. Mon, September 20 1965
E1 Who's in Charge Here? In George's absence, Hazel cares for his brother's household. Mon, September 13 1965
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