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E9 Smile A crisis arises at the hospital when it is found that a donor had microscopic cancer. Mon, August 13 2007
E8 As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other Dr. Jacobs' family members try to keep him alive despite his wishes. Mon, August 06 2007
E7 A Beautiful Day A gunman who shot two people and killed himself is a possible organ donor. Mon, July 30 2007
E6 Domino Effect Dr. Grant and his team perform a complex six-patient procedure. Mon, July 23 2007
E5 The Places You'll Go A woman who got an illegal transplant in Mexico has complications; Kate starts dating. Mon, July 16 2007
E4 Mother & Child Reunion Dr. Jonas seeks Dr. Grant's approval to perform a uterine transplant. Mon, July 09 2007
E3 Picking Up the Little Things A patient's last chance for a new liver is a living donation. Mon, July 02 2007
E2 I Make Myself Into Something New Dr. Grant refuses do to a living donation for a dying alcoholic; a new doctor arrives. Mon, June 25 2007
E1 Pilot Dr. Grant tries to save the life of a teenage girl in need of a new heart. Mon, June 18 2007
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