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E26 Annabama June's control over Anna's wedding; the new family packs up and kisses Georgia goodbye. Thu, August 14 2014
E25 Ain't Gonna Leave Me Final decoration plans for the wedding; June is left holding onto Anna at a final picnic. Thu, August 07 2014
E24 Trouble in Paradise An anniversary couple's massage to help Sugar Bear and Mama June's love; bridesmaids dress sizes. Thu, July 31 2014
E23 Girl Power Tensions between Anna and June over wedding details; a surprise wrestling themed wedding shower. Thu, July 31 2014
E22 Spring Broken After making a hot tub in the back of a pickup truck, the family goes on a houseboat vacation. Thu, July 24 2014
E21 This Couch Is on Fire The girls repaint their "doo-doo" colored room; June waxes her beard situation; the old couch. Thu, July 24 2014
E20 Brain Rest A car accident leaves Pumpkin in the hospital; Anna and Michael get matching tattoos. Thu, July 17 2014
E19 Vowel of Silence Sugar Bear offers Jessica and Pumpkin hush money to keep the house quiet for him and June. Thu, July 17 2014
E18 Civil War Sugar Bear uses a metal detector to search for riches in the yard with Alana. Thu, July 10 2014
E17 Forced Family Fun! Alana tries to reunite the family with food; game night and pottery painting fall short. Thu, July 10 2014
E16 Favorite Summer Moments Alana's favorite summer memories, from ice blocking to digging mud pits and kissing giraffes. Thu, July 03 2014
E15 Bingo Face June's love for couponing; a "be nice" contest for more affection and to win the spare room. Thu, June 26 2014
E14 De-Stressin' June's nagging makes Sugar Bear sick from stress; Sugar Bear tries "yodega" to de-stress. Thu, June 26 2014
E13 3 Generations & 1 Pork Rind June copes with an empty-nest; Anna and Kaitlyn move out. Thu, June 19 2014
E12 You're Be Nineteen Alana and Anna share a birthday; June decides to teach Alana about menstruation. Thu, March 06 2014
E11 Sherlock Poop Someone is not flushing the toilet and Alana makes it her mission to find the devious doo doer. Thu, February 27 2014
E10 You Need Your Thumb to Vacuum Clean Anna if faced with the decision of whether or not to have Kaitlyn's third thumb removed. Thu, February 20 2014
E9 Can I Say ... The family sets up a swear jar; the family dares Anna to make a chicken pot pie. Thu, February 13 2014
E8 Stand Peein' Up The family needs time in the outdoors; the girls' electronic devices are taken away. Thu, February 06 2014
E7 Monkeys Make Very Good Brothers June warily agrees to couples' therapy; the girls entertain themselves with exploding soda bottles. Thu, February 06 2014
E6 Funk Shway Time to consider moving; a new house wish-list; a pie-eating contest at the Blueberry Festival. Thu, January 30 2014
E5 Get a Job Earning money for a pool; Jessica has to settle for a group date with her boyfriend and the family. Thu, January 30 2014
E4 Hubba Bubba! The girls' first surf lesson; alone time. Thu, January 23 2014
E3 Les meilleurs moments! Honey Boo Boo et toute sa famille se réunissent pour partager les meilleurs moments de la saison. Sun, January 27 2013
E3 Familymoon An RV journey with an Animal Safari, wild animals, a children's museum and a candy shop. Thu, January 23 2014
E2 A very boo Thanksgiving Grâce et toute la famille se préparent au plus gros repas de l'année. Sun, January 13 2013
E2 The Birds and the Boos Anna and Jessica have boyfriends; awkward sex talks; Alana feels left out. Thu, January 16 2014
E1 Spécial Halloween Les festivités d'Halloween se poursuivent dans la famille. Sun, January 06 2013
E1 The Manper Sugar Bear gets a Man Camper; Pumpkin primps the girls; a trip to the Redneck Games. Thu, January 16 2014
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