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E26 The Bronze Giant Lin Chung is on high alert. He senses chaos is poised to destroy Hidden Kingdom. Mon, July 09 2012
E25 The Professionals; Swamp Hippos Fri, July 06 2012
E24 Marine Mine; About Faces Thu, July 05 2012
E23 High Roller Hydra; Time to Go Homes Wed, July 04 2012
E22 Roto-wolves; Teammates Tue, July 03 2012
E21 Collision Course; Cyber Animals Mon, July 02 2012
E20 Monster Castle; The Yeti & Phoenix Fri, June 29 2012
E19 The Dark Below; Gladiators Thu, June 28 2012
E18 Animal Inside Wed, June 27 2012
E17 Seahorse Temptation; Sloth King Tue, June 26 2012
E16 Leech King; The Third Squad Mon, June 25 2012
E15 Jelly Fish Jam; Demon Heartland Fri, June 22 2012
E14 Fox King and the Arachno Tanks; The Ghost Ship Thu, June 21 2012
E13 Enter the Dragon; Ninja Fight Wed, June 20 2012
E12 Revenge of the Commander of Darkness; The Sword of Dark Fire Tue, June 19 2012
E11 Animal Collector; Resurrection of T-Rex Mon, June 18 2012
E10 The Eyes of Mighty Ray HighRoller and his Flying Fish minions steal Mighty Ray's magic eyeballs. Fri, June 15 2012
E9 The Return of the Pterodactyls; White Crane Thu, June 14 2012
E8 Second to None; The Hamster King Squads squabble to claim supremacy; the Zebra Brothers trick the Hamster King. Wed, June 13 2012
E7 Shadow Monster; Duo Cannon Tue, June 12 2012
E6 Big Baby Turtles Mon, June 11 2012
E5 The Fruiter; Star-Nosed Moles Fri, June 08 2012
E4 The Lizard King; Prince of Seagulls Thu, June 07 2012
E3 Stingray; Pangolin Castle Wed, June 06 2012
E2 Terra Cotta Warriors; Strongest Punch & Kick Tue, June 05 2012
E1 The Rise of Lin Chung Lin Chung is reunited with his martial arts master. Mon, June 04 2012
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