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E22 It Ain't Over Till It's Over A nighttime fire guts the precinct; Buntz is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine. Tue, May 12 1987
E21 A Pound of Flesh Internal affairs finds $17,000 in Buntz's apartment; Hunter is rescued. Tue, May 05 1987
E20 The Runner Falls on His Kisser A pro football star is arrested for soliciting; Buntz enters a marksmanship contest. Tue, April 07 1987
E19 Days of Swine and Roses Renko seeks a reconciliation with his angry wife; a lonely Jablonski succumbs to sexual temptation. Tue, March 31 1987
E18 Dogbreath Afternoon Buntz looks for a link between a credit card scam and Belker's shooting. Tue, March 17 1987
E17 The Cookie Crumbles Calletano heads a Hispanic coalition that may sue; Bates is stabbed. Tue, March 10 1987
E16 Sorry, Wrong Number Goldblume turns to a young informant for help in finding a murderer. Tue, March 03 1987
E15 Norman Conquest While Furillo is away on business, Buntz takes over the Hill Street precinct. Tue, February 10 1987
E14 Der Roachenkavalier Goldblume blames departmental regulations for freeing a murderer. Tue, February 03 1987
E13 City of Refuse Hill and Renko help during a sanitation strike; Hill loses control at a drug dealer's funeral. Tue, January 20 1987
E12 A Wasted Weekend Henry's plan to join a bear-hunting trip is thwarted by a kidnapper. Tue, January 13 1987
E11 She's So Fein An assistant district attorney meets with Davenport's angry client. Tue, January 06 1987
E10 More Skinned Against Than Skinning Furillo tries to calm racial tensions when a black policeman is killed by his white partner. Tue, December 23 1986
E9 Fathers and Guns Furillo's father commits suicide; Belker thinks about the effects of a nuclear holocaust. Tue, December 09 1986
E8 Falling From Grace Sister Chastity surrenders to passion; Henry tackles a novel. Tue, December 02 1986
E7 Amazing Grace Esterhaus' former flame Grace Gardner returns to the precinct as a nun. Thu, November 27 1986
E6 Say Uncle A Gypsy puts a curse on Renko; Henry appears on a TV talk show. Thu, November 13 1986
E5 I Come to My Knees Hill resents his partner, who wouldn't help a black officer in distress. Thu, November 06 1986
E4 Bald Ambition Russo's undercover tactics cause a major criminal to be freed. Thu, October 30 1986
E3 The Best Defense The public defenders go on strike; Hunter accepts his demotion. Thu, October 16 1986
E2 A Case of Klapp Belker helps senior citizens robbed of their Social Security checks. Thu, October 09 1986
E1 Suitcase A con man tries to persuade Buntz to steal a cocaine-filled suitcase. Thu, October 02 1986
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