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E24 Rockets or Romance Hogan's men, with help from the underground, destroy a Nazi missile battery. Sun, April 04 1971
E23 Look at the Pretty Snowflakes Hogan and his men trigger an avalanche to halt a German panzer division. Sun, March 21 1971
E22 Hogan's Double Life Hogan poses as a Nazi officer to discredit a witness's identification of him as a spy. Sun, March 07 1971
E21 Kommandant Gertrude Burkhalter's sister, Gertrude, becomes the de facto commander of Stalag 13. Sun, February 28 1971
E20 The Kamikazes Are Coming The POWs capture a new German rocket and fire it toward England for recovery. Sun, February 21 1971
E19 Klink for the Defense Klink is assigned as defense counsel for a German officer on trial for treason. Sun, February 07 1971
E18 To Russia Without Love Col. Klink, vamped by a beautiful spy, decides he might like the Russian front. Sun, January 31 1971
E17 That's No Lady, That's My Spy Newkirk must escape from camp to aid a wounded underground leader. Sun, January 24 1971
E16 The Meister Spy Hogan's men discredit a Nazi master spy who is posing as an American officer. Sun, January 17 1971
E15 Easy Come, Easy Go Hogan goes to England with Klink to steal an American fighter plane. Sun, January 10 1971
E14 The Dropouts Hogan's men dupe the Gestapo and help three atomic scientists escape to England. Sun, December 27 1970
E13 The Gypsy To transport a German anti-radar unit to London, Hogan passes LeBeau off as a fortune teller. Sun, December 13 1970
E12 The Big Broadcast The POWs want to transmit from Klink's staff car. Sun, December 06 1970
E11 Operation Tiger Hogan and his men plan to free an underground leader held by the Nazis. Sun, November 29 1970
E10 It's Dynamite Expecting an Allied invasion, the Nazis start mining bridges. Sun, November 22 1970
E9 The Big Record Klink presents the prisoners with a recorder for propaganda purposes. Thu, November 12 1970
E8 Eight O'Clock and All Is Well Hogan's men discover that a new prisoner is actually a Nazi spy. Sun, November 08 1970
E7 Kommandant Schultz Sgt. Schultz is temporarily promoted to commanding officer of Stalag 13. Sun, November 01 1970
E6 The Gestapo Takeover The Gestapo takes control of Stalag 13 and assigns Klink and Schultz to the Russian front. Sun, October 25 1970
E5 Lady Chitterly's Lover Lady Chitterly arrives at Stalag 13 to tell everyone her husband is a traitor. Sun, October 18 1970
E4 Lady Chitterly's Lover An English traitor parachutes into Stalag 13 with some secret information. Sun, October 11 1970
E3 Klink's Masterpiece Hogan must smuggle maps to the underground, and he needs Klink's help. Sun, October 04 1970
E2 The Experts Hogan tries to save a German officer marked for death by the Nazis. Sun, September 27 1970
E1 Cuisine a la Stalag 13 Prisoner LeBeau decides to escape, leaving the POWs and Klink without a chef. Sun, September 20 1970
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