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E6 From Dusk Till Doom An escaped killer hides under the wheel of a big rig in Wyoming. Mon, July 28 2014
E7 Tequila, Tunnels & Terror A high speed chase lands a criminal in jail, but only for a while as he escapes to Mexico. Mon, July 28 2014
E8 Robbin', Stealin' & Court Appealin' Seven-time escapee Frankie Lee Bass makes another daring escape and goes on the lam. Mon, July 28 2014
E5 Crystal Meth, Crystal Death Jerry Wright kills a man then hides as his sisters until he is caught, then escapes from prison. Mon, June 30 2014
E4 Tourist Terror The leader of a band of thieves targeting tourists leaving the Miami airport shoots a tourist. Mon, June 23 2014
E3 Killin Time A pair of friends and criminals escape from prison in 2009 and lead police on a manhunt. Mon, June 16 2014
E2 Eye of the Storm A robber is arrested and put in jail, then escapes during a hurricane and goes on a crime spree. Mon, June 09 2014
E1 Commander & Thief A man is wanted in four states for posing as a veteran and preying on women to get money. Mon, June 02 2014
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