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E22 Going to the Dogs Kate plans to tranquilize Abby's dog with spiked meatballs, which Mike eats. Mon, May 19 1997
E21 Murphy's Law Mike's yearly trysts with Murphy Brown signal national disasters. Mon, May 12 1997
E20 The Bodyguard Strikes Back Death threats prompt Leo to hire Kate's boyfriend to guard Mike. Mon, May 05 1997
E19 The Debutante Kate is mortified that Abby wants to make a society debut; Mike agrees so he can get an interview. Mon, April 28 1997
E18 Logan's Run Competitors Mike and Jack Stein abandon ethics for an exclusive interview. Mon, April 21 1997
E17 The Fighting Irish A long-standing feud flares when Abby's grandfathers both show up for her school play. Mon, April 07 1997
E16 Face Off Mike and Kate appear on a late night talk show and bicker; CBS offers them a show together. Mon, March 10 1997
E15 Breaking the Rules Kate's sister (Kirstie Alley) uses Mike to test her "rules to catch a man." Mon, March 03 1997
E14 Life Without Mikey Mike's obituary is accidentally printed in the newspaper; guest Jay Thomas; Jonathan Katz. Mon, February 24 1997
E13 The Bodyguard Mike interrupts Kate's romantic evening; Brian is living with Kate. Mon, February 17 1997
E12 The Bodyguard Death threats arrive at the paper prompting Kate Montgomery to get a bodyguard. Mon, February 10 1997
E11 The English-Speaking Patients An argument turns into a food fight, prodding Kate and Mike into counseling. Mon, February 03 1997
E10 Funny, You Don't Look 100 Every writer wants to be on the front page of The Sun's centennial issue. Mon, January 20 1997
E9 Devil in a Blue Dress Abby gets a tattoo and moves in with her more sympathetic dad. Mon, January 13 1997
E8 The Black Book A socialite madam's client list has Alan's (Saul Rubinek) name on it. Mon, January 06 1997
E7 United We Fall Mike and other reporters support a printers strike; No stories without printers. Mon, December 16 1996
E6 Mike & Kelly & Max & Kate Mike and Kate each fend off persistent admirers; with Paul Mazursky. Mon, December 09 1996
E5 The Sandwich The first person to eat the Mike Logan (Ted Danson) deli sandwich dies of a heart attack. Mon, November 25 1996
E4 High Noon When a rival paper woos Mike, Kate offers his column to Jack Stein. Mon, November 18 1996
E3 Getting Over the Hemp Mike and Kate panic when they find marijuana in Abby's coat pocket. Mon, November 11 1996
E2 Paper Cuts A column by Mike (Ted Danson) triggers a lawsuit, forcing budget cuts by Kate (Mary Steenburgen). Mon, October 28 1996
E1 Above the Fold Complications greet divorced newspaper reporters when a promotion makes her his boss. Mon, October 21 1996
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